Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Convention

This post has been a long time in coming. As many of you know, I held the COD for Black Giant Angoras, and like my predecessors, had a certain amount of bad luck. I did present this year, my second attempt at my first presentation, but failed due to one of my senior does going off feed and subsequently not making weight. The ARBA Standards Committee also had a couple of other concerns, but over all gave very encouraging remarks, said I was off to a very good start, to my pleasant surprise. Also, Louise Walsh, the creator of the Giant Angora breed, came all the way down from Massachusetts, after being at Rhinebeck, to be with me for my presentation!!!!

 We will be applying for a new COD, and I will be on it, but not headlining it. This will give me the opportunity to keep working on the Black Giants, but not have to dedicate so much space to them, and be able to keep and show some REWs and, of course, my Satin Angoras. I'm developing a Pointed White SA line which I'm quite proud of, and which will be hopefully making its debut on the show table in the Spring. Meanwhile, the little REW Giant buck I sold to Joyce Holliday won his class, and my non-presentation Black Giants did well, and I have some Convention blue ribbons to be proud of. I have to say, this was one of the best ARBA Conventions ever, the only (very small) complaint I have is it could have been cooler in the main showroom. That's it. The show was well-run, well supplied, and a joy to attend.  :)