Monday, December 10, 2012

The so-called 'humane' diet (vegan)

I've seen a lot of articles, posts, and responses all over the internet regarding veganism and how 'humane' it is. Because veganism does not kill, harm, or exploit animals (so they say), it is the 'humane' way of life.

Really? Then why aren't more farmers vegan?

Simply put, because most farmers understand Nature far better than most vegans do. Every time a field is plowed, the farmer is destroying wild rabbit nests and babies, wild bird nests and eggs or babies, wild mouse nests and babies, killing worms and other invertebrates, bugs, insects, and the list goes on...

Those animals killed are food for other animals, like fox , fishers, coyotes, etc. Every acre plowed for your food is depriving another species of its food. Food that is often consumed while it is still alive.

Ever think of that as you munched on your watercress, brown rice and tofu? Where exactly do you think that stuff comes from, anyway?

Fact is, there is no such thing as a 'humane' diet. Every animal on the planet deprives another animal of its life or its food. That is the natural order of things. If you want to follow a truly humane diet, starve yourself to death. It may cause your family and friends untold agony, but hey, some titmouse out there somewhere will thank you for it. Oh, wait - no they won't. Because they don't know or care.