Sunday, May 06, 2012


Since I can't post this on the MeatRabbit Yahoo group, I'm posting it here: You know, Tara, I think we all 'get' that you have a problem with Mary and SRPS, which previously you claimed not to know much about. What I don't get is where you came up with this bunch of incomprehensible stuff that Mary supposedly said. You see, being the secretary of SRPS, I do know quite a bit about it, and about what Mary says, and these are deliberate misrepresentations of topics she has written about. This type of confrontational stuff is why you are no longer welcome on the SRPS list. Besides being inflammatory, it is not factual.


Jan said...

This absolutely cracks me up:

"Thank you Janet, for taking the high road.
It's entirely acceptable to disagree with something posted; it becomes a
completely different issue when one refers to another's post as "nonsense".
There is no need to be derogatory.
Fluff N Furr Angora
the *other* list moderator"

Um,,, I'm not the person who referred to another's second-hand post as "nonsense". Tara was. Why are you allowing her posts and not my rebuttal?

Can you say, "Double-Standard?"

Jan said...

If this weren't for real, it would be really pathetic.

Show Rabbit Protection Society said...

OMG I'd forgotten all about this till you mentioned it this morning... Jan this is the funniest stuff I have read all day. Thank you for the light moment!


Show Rabbit Protection Society said...

I am reading her post right now.A bit blown away and not sure where she gets most of this stuff so....But really, Volkswagons? Hitler DID invent the Volkswagon. He went to Porsche in 1933 and said he wanted a "people's car" for the common working man to afford to seat two adults and a couple kids. In 1933 no working man could afford a Porsche. Took till after the war to get it really up and going by Porsche cause they had to stop and make bombs and things in the meantime..Hitler didn't live to see his "people's car", however it is rumored he is the one that told Porsche he wanted it named "beetle". But I don't remember saying it on the groups,as it has very little to do with rabbits. I might have but I have absolutely no idea why it would P.O. people on the Meat Rabbits group even if I did say it. I'm telling you, we just can't make this stuff up, Jan. I have been accused of craziness in better places actually. ROFLMAO!!!

Jan said...

... and then there's the fact that the offending post could always just be deleted... but somehow that hasn't happened.

Show Rabbit Protection Society said...

Well people are free to choose who they will work with and who they won't. And that group refuses to cooperate with SRPS so we just move on now, Jan.