Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Support Debe Bell!

> I have the official word to let anyone/everyone know about the hearing on
> the 21st, Judge Green courtroom 1 at 9:30 am. Our attorney figures that
> several house rabbit society people will be there, animal control and
> foothills as well as a lot of DA's to try to show me as a wacked out
> hoarder, etc. So, we need lots of bodies. Call and/or email anyone that
> is interested in supporting our agricultural rights. Full scale,
> facebook, whatever....the more the merrier!
> Thanks
> Debe

Even if you don't live in Colorado, please forward this to any you know that
lives in the area and might be interested in supporting Debe.

Even if you don't own rabbits, if you live in the Denver area and support our right to breed animals, PLEASE SHOW UP AND SHOW SUPPORT!!!

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