Friday, August 19, 2011

This Means War follow-up

I am simply amazed at the willingness of some so-called rabbit breeders to accept at face-value a VERY FEW photos taken by the HRS, claiming to be representative of Debe Bell's rabbitry, when Debe herself was threatened by deputies from taking her own photos. Why would they prohibit Debe, and the local news station from going in and taking photos, but not the HRS, an un-abashed Animal Rights organization?

And why did the local news stations ignore a subsequent invitation from Debe to take video footage?

Debe did not have access to her own barn until late that night, after all the rabbits had been seized and everyone left. So, people who wonder why she didn't clean the food and water bowl out have, and have had, the answer, she wasn't allowed to, but they ignore that. WHY??!!

I am simply flabbergasted that some people actually think that because 3-5 cages out of 184 had poop piled up in them, that this makes the breeder abusive. Never mind that the rabbits in question had the entire rest of the cage to hang out in, never mind that the rabbits inhabiting those cages were happy, bright-eyed, and healthy. Never mind any of that. Those very few cages were not in perfect condition, so therefore she must be guilty.

I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and fearful for my hobby.

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beachbirdie said...

What is even more frightening about the raid on Debe Bell's farm is how the Jefferson County Sheriff's department appears to be selectively releasing only that which will manipulate people into a presumption of guilt. And the newspaper is gladly playing along.

They are not simply enforcing the law, they are using their position of power to JUDGE. That belongs in the court system, not in the newspapers, not in the hands of law enforcement.

The agency is using its position of power and trust to DESTROY. Debe not only had her rights violated by their actions in this raid, but her reputation and her rights to a fair trial are being destroyed as well.

It should be illegal for the sheriff's department to release ANY photos they took that day, this tells me they are driving an agenda and will doggedly use their power to make sure they don't look bad. Those photos should have been reviewed in court, and ONLY in court. Along with every other one of the nearly 200 they supposedly took that day.

I was out and about on the Internet following a lot of "rabbit trails" (pardon the pun!) related to liberty, and found this one... Truthfarmer. Interesting. I suppose everyone should freshen up on their rights so they can assert them if necessary.