Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A success story

I've been getting a lot of emails, some of them very surprising, all positive, regarding my posts on the HRS and the plight of Debe Bell. One of my friends gave me permission to pass this story along:

"I am so shocked to read the report. They are accusing her of being a hoarder and stuff. That is horrible. Thank you for posting on this situation. I tell you, I am afraid now. Just early this month, I had a person that lives few blocks away from our new property go into my acre and intimidate my youngest son, J-----. Luckily, he left a card so I called him and he told me that my two horses were "emaciated and dying". He then said, "I am willing to help you, my wife and I are vet technicians, give them to me and I won't call SPCA on you." Well, I freaked out, told him, let me think on it and I'll call you back. The next day I went to the Sheriff's office and filed a complaint on him and he is barred from coming into my property--he will be arrested. They checked my horses and said they are NOT emaciated and they know that I have hay, feed, and bread, water, and other stuff and my horses have good weight. One of them is a thoroughbred, so keeping weight on him is tougher, but he is doing well. "
Fortunately the sheriffs where my friend lives, like my own local sheriffs, know livestock and what constitutes good care. The problems start when law enforcement officers, for whatever reason, buy into the idea that animals require the same or better standard of care as most humans. When this occurs, those who are sworn to serve and protect us wind up serving and protecting the wrong people.

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