Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pics of Six Bells Rabbitry

Try this Facebook link to an open group and see if you can scroll through the pics. One of the Jefferson County pics is there, of a dirty cage with a litter in it, also there is the one pic they let Debe take before they threatened to ‘haul her away’, and the rest she took after the raid. Notice in all but the one JeffCo pic, the cage floors are clean.

Now I understand that there are those who might not keep that many rabbits, who might find even these pics objectionable, but you’d also find most dairies objectionable within a hour after milking and cleaning. Personally, I find it remarkable that 184 cages look this good. I think it’s a testament that Debe is a good caretaker and her 4-H kids do a good job helping her out. What a shame that all their rabbits were stolen, and 30 years of Debe’s work has been for nothing, all for 3 dirty cages, when a simple warning and follow-up inspection would have prevented this.


Totally Timmy said...

I have 10 bunnies and know how hard it is to keep them clean!!
A warning would have been more than enough. The whole thing is just awful.

phylliso said...

That is a shame for the rabbits to have been taken because of that,everyone who raises rabbits knows how hard it is to keep them clean.As long as they were well fed & groomed,I don`t know why they didn`t get a warning.How sad.phyllis