Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rabbit Education Society

If you want to know what is REALLY best for your bunnies, instead of the politically-correct Vegan Bull$hit espoused by the ASPCA, HSUS, and the House Rabbit Society, get the scoop from experienced breeders of rabbits, before it's outlawed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The House Rabbit Society

Many of you may be familiar with the state of Animal Rights legislation in this country, and many of you may not. Essentially, organizations like PETA and the HRS have somehow become the 'authorities' regarding animal welfare. These organizations regard abuse as:

1. Breeding animals - for profit or otherwise
2. Eating animals
3. Treating animals as livestock
4. Housing your animals outside our home
5. Not treating animals as human beings

If these organizations have their way, no one will be able ever get a pet except from approved shelters, and those who do get pets will have to submit to ridiculous requirements in order to get them.

Things like 4-H, a healthy activity for young people that teaches responsible livestock management, will be a thing of the past. Eating meat will become either illegal, or so expensive as to make it beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Animal fiber will meet the same fate. Both these organizations oppose the 'exploitation' of animals. They'll do anything to achieve their goals, including infiltrating organizations that traditionally have supported the livestock industries, including the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

A case in point is Debe Bell, a long-time and well-respected rabbit breeder in Colorado, whose climate-controlled barn was recently raided because of an 'anonymous tip'. It seems her barn was '4 degrees above the ideal' and she had some butchered rabbits in the freezer. OH MY!

The media naturally took the HRS' words as gospel and their report made it seem as if the poor rabbits were living in feces, when in fact the feces were appropriately residing in the trays below the cages. They also reported a small amount of dead rabbits being seized, accidentally leaving out that these were butchered rabbits they grabbed from her freezer.

The HRS intimidated Debe into signing over the rabbits, who are being sheared to the skin. In other words, they are destroying the evidence that the rabbits were in fact well cared for. Those of us who breed Angoras for wool know that even well-bred rabbits will have a mat here or there. But does the local magistrate know this? Probably not, and that's what these terroristic organizations are counting on.

They count on the fact that most Americans are so far removed from the fiber/food chain that we won't recognize a healthy animal when we see one, and will ASSUME that an angora with a mat here or there is being neglected. They count on the average American being horrified at the thought of eating a bunny. And you know what? So far, they're right.

These people have seized these rabbits, put them on a totally inappropriate diet, and rabbits will die in their care, and they'll use this in court to prove how 'sick' the rabbits were. They'll also shear the angoras down to the skin and throw away the evidence, so Debe will have no way of proving that she did not neglect them. These are their tactics, and in any other case, it would be considered tampering with the evidence and would be thrown out of court. They get around that by having an AR-friendly veterinarian claim that it was necessary because the rabbits were so dirty. How convenient!

We have to do something about this! All people who breed animals for fiber, food profit, whatever, need to band together and stop this violation of our Constitutionally guaranteed right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If people out there regard their pets as the same as humans, fine, that is their right, but their rights end when they try to impose their opinions on the rest of us via legislation, lawsuits, harassment, and other means they use to force their views upon the rest of humanity.

There is nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about breeding animals for profit. It's about time we banded together and fought for our rights. We shouldn't have to, but we obviously do.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat and bunnies

My outdoor cages are under deep shade, but even so I have hiding boxes in them so the bunnies can go still darker. Out of all the babies born this Spring I kept just two, one of them does have a dropped ear, but I'm not going to hold that against her, she's just that good, and the Spring and Summer here have been that hot. The other has a killer body, and very nice wool, but has some 'normal' fur on her front paws. It's still long, but not wooly. Fortunately I have the perfect buck to breed her to when she comes of age.

The indoor bunnies (I might add that even the outdoor bunnies were indoors today) are mostly older bucks and show prospects. Yes, I do have a few REWs, but their numbers are dwindling. Black has taken over the rabbitry.

Some of my bunnies refuse to go near the frozen 2-liter bottles of water I provide for them. I can usually train them by allowing them to suffer the consequences of their bias, then putting them in a small transport cage where they can't get away from the bottle, and by this time they're too hot to care. They learn to appreciate the bottle. From that point forward, they plop down next to it as soon as I put it in their cages. However, this is only effective if you're around to monitor them while they are 'in training'.

Some never do learn to go to the bottle, and those either die or get eaten. I know that sounds cruel, but let's face it, when you're trying to breed a better rabbit, you have to take more into consideration than just conformation, wool production, and color. These same rabbits, if in the wild, would get eaten by other creatures because they're just too stupid to live.

Ultimately, I want angoras that produce a reasonable amount of wool, with good color and conformation, that reproduce well and have the sense God gave - well, a rabbit.