Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shearing Party

Every year I hold a shearing party somewhere in the tri-state area to help newbies with their shearing skills, mainly to encourage them, because frankly all angoras look ridiculous without their wool lol! This year some good friends of mine agreed to host it for us, and even promised to host it every year if we so wish.

Anyway, we originally had about 20 attendees promised to attend, but life happens, and only four people besides myself managed to make it. We had a wonderful time! We had oodles of food, I got to demonstrate the German red clippers, we toured a nearby fiber mill, and we even sold a couple of bunnies.

I wish I had pictures to show you, but I was too busy. However, I do have some very nice bunnies to promote for a friend of mine. It turns out that a purebred black German buck of mine carries the gene for chocolate! He's managed to produce two litters this year, and in one of the litters, out of a black Giant doe bred by me, is a chocolate doe! She's really nice, I was soooo tempted to buy her myself, but I need to concentrate on blacks right now. I still may purchase her black brother. Anyway, she is for sale, and I can connect interested parties with her seller, the price is a firm $150.00 - cash.

The same sire has another litter out of a REW Giant/German cross doe. The dam is sired by Samson's Oscar, so this litter is 75% new import German, and 25% Giant. This litter has REWs, blacks, and chestnuts. Their prices are $75.00 for bucks and $100.00 for does.

Contact me if interested in any of the babies, I'll put you in touch with my friend. You can reach me at

jansgiants at hotmail dot com