Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Observations regarding Osama bin Laden's demise:

1. Since the United States supposedly froze Osama bin Laden's assets after 9/11, where did the money come from to maintain bin Laden over the years since then? The key to that would reveal our truest enemy -- the one who should be taken on next.

2. Why is the capture and killing of the world's most wanted terrorist not "Bush's fault," as is everything else, according to the Obama administration?

3. Why is the Obama administration against waterboarding -- a non-life-threatening event -- and yet sees fit to shoot a terrorist in the head?

4. Being against waterboarding, why would President Obama then OK a burial for bin Laden that was actually waterboarding in the extreme? Think about it: They strapped bin Laden to a board and shoved him into the water!

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Lilac Haven said...

You crack me up.

Jan said...

Thanks! I just want to make other folks think just a bit. :)

Lilac Haven said...

You made some good points.