Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nice day!

An uplifting week, despite some - well, disappointments. Hayden Eli turned one month old this week! And, my broken Satin doe had 9 babies tonight! Not purebred, I've had trouble finding a broken Satin buck that isn't closely related to my doe, So, I bred her to a broken blue French buck. But, he wasn't just any ole buck, he came from arguably the very best lines in the country. A quick peruse of the litter revealed most, if not all to be brokens. YAY!

The disappointments this week had to do with honesty and openness versus saving face. As the leader of an organization, I am answerable to its membership. When members ask me about a very real issue that I (and others) have tried unsuccessfully to resolve, what do I tell them? That I'm not allowed to deal with the issue because I myself am not perfect? That by even inquiring about the issue I am accused of attacking the person responsible? That I myself am attacked regarding an issue that the membership itself doesn't seem to consider to be an issue? It's pretty darned frustrating to not even be able to discuss this issue.

Fortunately, I do know who my friends are. And now, also who they aren't.


Somerhill said...

When this stuff gets you down, just look into that beautiful, innocent face.

Jan said...

Exactly my thoughts, Lisa! :)