Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Politics of Rabbits Pt 4

After the events of the last ARBA Convention in Indianapolis, I've been thinking very long and hard about how I was going to address what happened there. Specifically, regarding the Standards Committee and the Broken English and Broken Satin Angora presentations, although I do know the Jersey Wooly and Lionhead breeders have similar issues.

Basically, our presentations, which had been gone over by experienced breeders and some notable ARBA judges, got disqualified for truly ridiculous reasons.

The Broken English Angoras went up first. The Standards Committee, showing a true lack of knowledge of - the SOP (you know, that document they're supposed to be the ultimate authoirity on?) - tried to DQ the Broken English because one pedigree had a Chocolate Tort coming out of two Fawns. Well, in Angoras, this is entirely possible. Fawn is not a dilute color in Angoras. But not in Netherland Dwarfs, so the Standards Committee tried to say the the SOP for Angoras was wrong, and therefore the DQ.

So, let me clarify that a bit for you. The Standards Committee said that IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT THE ANIMALS MET THE CURRENT SOP, they were DQ'd because the current Standards Committee did not agree with the ESTABLISHED SOP for Angora Colors. Essentially, they tried to impose another breed's color definition upon us. They made no mention of any other reason, we have lots of witnesses.

I took it upon myself to go to the ARBA General Meeting, and waited patiently until the meeting was opened to questions from the floor. I raised my hand, introduced myself, and asked if the Standards Committee had the authority to impose one breed's color standards upon another breed. I was assured that this was certainly not allowed. Well, I responded, they just did, and I gave the details. I was assured that it would be looked into.

When the presenter of the Broken English went back to dispute the ruling, the color issue wasn't even mentioned. Instead, a brand-new, never before-mentioned DQ, that of the junior doe being cow-hocked, was raised. The presenter grabbed said doe and demonstrated that she was not cow-hocked, just a bit pinched, but the Standards Committee denied her appeal and that was that.

Does that seem right to you?

On to the Broken Satins. The Standards Committee went from trying to find a genetic impossibility to trying to create one. They said that a Broken Tort was really a Broken Copper. Now, said Broken Tort was out of another Broken Tort and a Broken Black. Those of us who know genetics know that that isn't possible. In fact, the rabbit in question had no eye rings and no ear lacing. The rabbit did have what could be called rings when its wool was blown into, but they were not true rings, the experienced eye could see that the young rabbit simply had a new coat growing in behind the old one. This is typical of breeds that are pluck-able, especially among young angoras, pluck-able or not.

Another NARBC member kindly consented to having her true Copper rabbit presented to the Standards Committee to show them what a real Copper looks like, but when the presenter of the Broken Satin Angoras went back to appeal, she was denied, in spite of showing them in the SOP that the rabbit did in fact meet the Tort color definition. The excuse was that this particular rabbit didn't look like her other Torts - well, of course not, they were older and their coats looked different! We never got the chance to bring the copper doe up.

So, not only do presentation rabbits have to be good to excellent representatives of their breed, now they also have to be identical as well. No difference between juniors and seniors, apparently.

Does that seem right to you?

I won't go into who these warped ideas come from. Everyone who was there and saw what went on, and saw just who could waltz in and out like they owned the place, despite not actually being on the Standards Committee, knows of whom I speak.

I think it's time the members of ARBA took back their club. It is OUR club, it does not belong to an elite few, and abuses of power cannot be tolerated. We need to either clean house, or better yet, exercise our veto power. What veto power?

Well, we can create it:



Section 1. Any alteration of, or amendment to, the Constitution to be offered at any annual or special meeting of this Association shall be made by Resolution, in writing, signed by one hundred (100) or more members of this Association in good standing. The Resolution must be received by the ARBA Executive Director not later than 1 May, so that the signatures can be verified. Once verified by the ARBA Executive Director, a copy of the resolution must be forwarded to the ARBA Resolutions Committee no later than 10 May of the year, if it is to be
presented at the annual meeting. All resolutions are to be confined to one subject. All resolutions shall be published in the ARBA Bulletin at least forty-five (45) days in advance of the annual or special meeting at which they are to be considered, in order that members may have the opportunity to form an intelligent opinion on their
merits. The Constitution may then be amended by an affirmative two-thirds vote of all members casting votes at a regular or special meeting of the Association for a Resolution, provided that the notice of the purpose of any special meeting has been stated in the call for such special meeting.

Section 2. Any proposed change in, or amendment to, the Constitution may be submitted to the members of the Association at any time by mail ballot, to be voted upon, and the ballots counted, in the same manner as is provided for balloting for the election of officers. An affirmative two-thirds majority of the ballots cast shall be
required for passage of any proposed change or alteration.

Section 3. A Resolution adopted at an annual or special meeting of the Association shall take effect on January 1st following such annual or special meeting. Any change or alteration voted by mail ballot shall take effect sixty (60) days after the date of certification by the Election Committee.

So, we can pass a Resolution giving the membership veto power over the decisions of the Standards Committee.


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Show Rabbit Protection Society group

The SRPS now has its own Yahoo group where you can ask questions and get answers regarding the Society's purpose, goals, and how you can help.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Support Debe Bell!

> I have the official word to let anyone/everyone know about the hearing on
> the 21st, Judge Green courtroom 1 at 9:30 am. Our attorney figures that
> several house rabbit society people will be there, animal control and
> foothills as well as a lot of DA's to try to show me as a wacked out
> hoarder, etc. So, we need lots of bodies. Call and/or email anyone that
> is interested in supporting our agricultural rights. Full scale,
> facebook, whatever....the more the merrier!
> Thanks
> Debe

Even if you don't live in Colorado, please forward this to any you know that
lives in the area and might be interested in supporting Debe.

Even if you don't own rabbits, if you live in the Denver area and support our right to breed animals, PLEASE SHOW UP AND SHOW SUPPORT!!!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Show Rabbit Protection Society

Show Rabbit Protection Society first formed in response to the heartbreaking case of Debe Bell of Colorado, who had a sudden raid on her farm while away at work, with a tip phoned in anonymously to a reward hotline offering $2,000 dollars cash for animal abuse tips. Debe has no idea who the person was, and there are other obvious problems with the case as well. But in any case, her 193 rabbits were removed by Animal Control and House Rabbit Society to the animal shelter. Debe was then informed that the cost of keeping the rabbits in the shelter would be $5.00 per day per rabbit until her case was decided. This was over a month ago now, and she still has not been to court or convicted of anything at all.

It would have cost Debe $815.00 a day to keep her beloved rabbits x minimum of 30 days so far= $24,450.00 per month. Considering Debe is not a rich person and also was encumbered with the expense of hiring an attorney, she did the only thing she could do...turned over ownership of her beloved pedigreed show stock, grand champions as well, that she has been working with for 28 years to Jefferson County Animal Control who packed them off to House Rabbit Society among others. Debe has now watched all of her beautiful beloved show stock neutered/spayed and put up for adoption to who knows what kind of homes on

I got to thinking this is a situation in which the accused is sentenced prior to ever entering the courtroom. She will never see her bunnies again, has lost the stock she loved the most, her reputation is destroyed, her privacy invaded by strangers, but most of all, considering the number of rescues performed by rabbit rescuers from their own foster homes and adoptive homes, Debe has no way of knowing if her precious rabbits will be abused, neglected, starved, dropped, suffer injuries or turn out well. And what an excruciating ordeal for any rabbit owner who finds each and everyone of their own bunnies coming up for adoption to who knows where on when they themselves have not even been tried, charged or convicted of anything simply because the impound fees are so enormous.

I have no intention of arguing the correctness of the charges, whether or not Debe Bell raised her rabbits properly or not. She has already been tried in the court of public opinion and for some she is innocent and some she is guilty.

My intention is to try and make it possible for show rabbits to be held in trust by experienced breeders, at no charge to the accused, until their case is resolved. If guilty, no harm has been done to the rabbits, they can continue their career after their foster home adopts them out to other show rabbit homes still intact, still able to produce. If innocent, the poor breeder can have at least their stock back. It will be up to them to repair the trauma, the reputation loss and so, but at least the rabbits will be well cared for in the show manner they are used to and not packaged up incorrectly by well meaning but completely inexperienced volunteers from some newly formed rescue group.

Whether people want to face it or not, more abuse of rabbits occurs within foster homes of rescue societies than it does anywhere else. The foster homes are emotionally pressured into taking way more rabbits than they legally, financially or physically can have, and the foster homes are only inspected by each individual society they belong to anyway, thereby skirting any intervention by legitimate animal control.

Not many show rabbit breeders I know want their beloved rabbits in those types of hidden hands.

So we have formed our charitable association to solicit funds, tax exemptions pending our 501c3 status, to help pay breeder impound costs. We have formed to create a network of experienced show rabbit breeders that are members of ARBA to care for the rabbits in the manner show rabbits are cared for and to hold the rabbits in trust until the final disposition of the accused breeder's case.

We operate completely independently of any other animal group, either for or against animal rights, for or against farms, breeders. We tried to solicit the interest of active dog breeders and other rescue societies, only to find ourselves bogged down in a disgusting swamp of political maneuvering, propaganda, infighting, power plays, gossip, demands we become vegans, demands we support PETA, arguments over which species was most important, and calls for Obama's birth certificate all wrapped into one blathering Tower of Babel. After we were called Nazi's by both sides of the animal rights equation, we decided to simply maintain our integrity, reject all propaganda for or against the preservation of show rabbit stock and domestic animals period, abandon all other pro breeder/animal rights radical groups as emotionally disturbed and keep our eye very simply on protecting show rabbits in trouble.

We promise to do what is within our legal area to do to keep the rabbits unsold, unaltered, and show ready until we either return them to the breeder if allowed or put them up for adoption ourselves.

Won't you support us in this fight to end the devastation of overly severe financial care costs to show rabbit owners and breeders and the trauma to the rabbits in inexperienced hands?

Contact us for a foster application


Join us on Facebook.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Plausible Deniability

So, re: The Debe Bell Debacle:

I contacted Colorado Crime Stoppers, complaining about the way the Debe Bell case was handled. This is the response I got:

Good Morning. Not sure why you sent this to Colorado State Crime Stoppers? We do not pay rewards or reveive tips. What Crime Stopper program are you talking about? Please advise.

Subject: rabbit seizure in Colorado
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2011 07:03:22 -0400


I'm emailing you to voice my concern about how your program was used to falsely accused a successful and highly respected breeder of show rabbits in Jefferson County, Colorado.

First allow me to introduce myself. My name is Janet Gruber, and I am President of the United Angora Rabbit Club. I am also a Director of the National Angora Rabbit Breeders Club. I am also someone who has in the past been falsely accused of animal abuse myself. Fortunately for me, my local sheriffs are farmers and know proper animal care when they see it. Nothing ever came of it for me.

Unfortunately that was not the case for Debe Bell. When the House Rabbit Society (which is not an animal welfare organization, it is an animal rights organization, entirely different goals altogether) showed up at her property and were allowed entry by a roommate, the first thing they did was to turn off the air conditioning to her barn. Then they started removing perfectly healthy rabbits, in fact the 'technicians" involved even remarked about how healthy they seemed. A neighbor called Debe at work when she saw what was going on, and Debe rushed home. Upon arrival, she was threatened and intimidated into signing the rabbits over to HRS. After a couple of hours of no air conditioning, they then took the temperature with a faulty thermometer that Debe had lying around, and it showed 84 degrees. Not only is this not too hot for the rabbits, but witnesses say that it was actually not that warm at all.

The long-haired rabbits have since been shaved down to the skin, supposedly because HRS says they were matted and dirty, witnesses say they were not, At any rate, the evidence has been tampered with and now Debe can't prove they weren't. They are now in totally inappropriate conditions, double up in dog crates, sitting in shavings and their own excrement instead of on wire floors like they should be. They are also being fed an entirely inappropriate diet, which will sicken and possibly kill them, and the HRS will use that as proof that they were sick to begin with. The media took the HRS' word for the "deplorable" conditions, which did not in fact exist. Debe's rabbits were housed in spacious cages with wire floors, all their droppings fell into pans under the cages, they were not present int he cages themselves, contrary to the news report. Those of us familiar with the situation are pretty sure she was 'turned in" by a jealous fellow rabbit breeder, we know who it was but we just can't prove it. This person has been trying to make trouble for Debe for years now.

In short, no crime was committed until Crime Stoppers created one. An innocent person's right to unreasonable search and seizure was violated, she was blackmailed, her rabbits stolen from her, and her good name maligned. She now has to screen her phone calls and is being harassed.

I understand that you were warned this would happen. Well, shame on you! I wonder, how much did you pay this anonymous tipster? Now that this has happened, what are you going to do to prevent it from happening again? And why on Earth did you get the House Rabbit Society involved?

Needless to say, I think you should be sued. I hope Debe pursues this, and I wish her luck. There is talk about creating a legal fund for her. She is not in this alone.


Janet Gruber

I responded that this was given to me as the address responsible for the program, and got no further response.

Today, I contacted the Colorado Attorney General because clearly, Debe's Constitutional rights had been violated. Here is the result, I have yet to hear back from my response:

The local DA is ignoring the violations and is pressing charges based on illegally obtained evidence. Who, then can she turn to if not the CO Attorney general? Are you essentially saying that there is no oversight of local law enforcement?

Funny, CO CrimeStoppers also denies any responsibility, even though it was an anonymous CrimeStoppers tip that started all of this. Funny how no one wants to help the little guy here.

Janet Gruber

Subject: RE: Violation of Debe Bell's Constitutional Rights
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 22:21:06 +0000

The Office of the Attorney General has no authority over local law enforcement or Colorado’s locally elected sheriffs. You need to contact your local district attorney’s office.

From: Janet Gruber []
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2011 4:09 PM
To: Attorney General
Subject: Violation of Debe Bell's Constitutional Rights

Debe Bell, a long-time and well-respected rabbit breeder in Colorado, had her climate-controlled barn raided because of an 'anonymous tip'. It seems her barn was '4 degrees above the ideal' and she had some butchered rabbits in the freezer. OH MY!

Sheriffs entered her property illegally, she was not there to give them access, and proceeded to trample all over her rights. Yes, 4 cages out of 184 were dirty, but she and her 4-H kids were going to address those cages that weekend, I believe this, because if she wasn't keeping up with things, there would have been a lot more than 4 dirty cages. The House Rabbit Society, a notorious ANIMAL RIGHTS organization, led the raid. The HRS is allied with PETA, a group that has been placed on the terrorism watch list by the USDA.

This has gotten national attention, and needs to be investigated. The sheriffs involved need to be disciplined. Animal Rights organizations cannot be allowed to dictate what proper livestock care is.

Janet Gruber

I also emailed (via a website contact program) the governor's hotline and the local Jefferson County Internal Investigations. I have heard nothing back from either.

It seems that nobody wants to take responsibility for the violation of Debe's Constitutional rights. I guess Debe, an ordinary citizen simply living her life and wishing everyone else would do the same, is somehow unworthy of protection? If so, how would the rest of us fare? This makes me very sad, and very fearful for our country.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pics of Six Bells Rabbitry

Try this Facebook link to an open group and see if you can scroll through the pics. One of the Jefferson County pics is there, of a dirty cage with a litter in it, also there is the one pic they let Debe take before they threatened to ‘haul her away’, and the rest she took after the raid. Notice in all but the one JeffCo pic, the cage floors are clean.

Now I understand that there are those who might not keep that many rabbits, who might find even these pics objectionable, but you’d also find most dairies objectionable within a hour after milking and cleaning. Personally, I find it remarkable that 184 cages look this good. I think it’s a testament that Debe is a good caretaker and her 4-H kids do a good job helping her out. What a shame that all their rabbits were stolen, and 30 years of Debe’s work has been for nothing, all for 3 dirty cages, when a simple warning and follow-up inspection would have prevented this.

Friday, August 19, 2011

This Means War follow-up

I am simply amazed at the willingness of some so-called rabbit breeders to accept at face-value a VERY FEW photos taken by the HRS, claiming to be representative of Debe Bell's rabbitry, when Debe herself was threatened by deputies from taking her own photos. Why would they prohibit Debe, and the local news station from going in and taking photos, but not the HRS, an un-abashed Animal Rights organization?

And why did the local news stations ignore a subsequent invitation from Debe to take video footage?

Debe did not have access to her own barn until late that night, after all the rabbits had been seized and everyone left. So, people who wonder why she didn't clean the food and water bowl out have, and have had, the answer, she wasn't allowed to, but they ignore that. WHY??!!

I am simply flabbergasted that some people actually think that because 3-5 cages out of 184 had poop piled up in them, that this makes the breeder abusive. Never mind that the rabbits in question had the entire rest of the cage to hang out in, never mind that the rabbits inhabiting those cages were happy, bright-eyed, and healthy. Never mind any of that. Those very few cages were not in perfect condition, so therefore she must be guilty.

I'm ashamed, embarrassed, and fearful for my hobby.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

This Means War!

Above is the link to Talk Radio 630's Peter Boyle's interview with Debe Bell regarding the recent raid of her rabbitry. There are 3 parts, and I believe discussion and calls continue into the next show. Anyway, it's very educational, and it points up the fact that the animal industry is in danger of being outlawed, and if we don't do something, we are all at risk.

What we need to do, collectively as rabbit breeders and enthusiasts, is to educate the public regarding PROPER rabbit care, and to educate our local law enforcement as to Constitutional Law. Yes, it is a challenge, but the alternative is to give up our hobby/livelihood.

This goes beyond breed loyalties. We ALL need to band together and declare war on all those Animal Rights idiots who seem to loathe Humanity's very existence, and make it clear that Humans have the right to breed and harvest animals to feed and clothe our families. There is nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about it, and those who try to make it illegal are in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States of America, which guarantees an individual's right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Not to mention protection from illegal search and seizure.

I have taken my website down. I'll still keep my blog, but from this point forward I will not, under any circumstances, ever sell any rabbit to anyone I don't know personally. No one I don't know personally will ever visit my barn, which has been moved to a secure location away from my home. So don't even ask.

It's a dirty, rotten shame that I have to go to such lengths to protect my animals from people who claim to love animals. But look what happened to Debe's babies. Sickening. Disgusting. Wrong. Then there's the fact that 12 of the animals seized, spayed/neutered, and being sold, actually belonged to 4-H kids. Then photos were posted, narrowly cut to show 3 cages in their worst possible light. No information on if those cages was occupied by, say, litters of 8, no mention that litters like to poop and pee in their food and water dishes. Those of us who breed rabbits know this, the public doesn't, and that's what these folks are counting on. Lack of knowledge and experience. No mention that some of the rabbits shown were recent rescues, dropped off on Debe's doorstep. No mention that a white angora can look like that after one night in a transport cage (or in a dog crate sitting in its own urine and feces, like these rabbits were kept in after their seizure). No way to know when or where these photos were actually taken. No redness, no matting shown that prevented urination and/or defecation like the authorities claim.

We're being sold a package of goods, and those of us who lack knowledge, experience, and/or skepticism are falling for it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

About so-called 'Rabbit Rescues'

I don't know about you all, but this has been bothering me for some time now. These so-called rabbit rescue groups, who literally steal perfectly happy, healthy rabbits from breeders, then beg money from the public and ultimately 'adopt' (read: SELL) them out to the public - assuming for one moment that these rabbits actually did need 'rescued' (and from recent events that is indeed a pretty big assumption); wouldn't the money that is begged, borrowed, and stolen in order to support said rabbits in even worse conditions from that which they were 'rescued' from, be better spent on hungry children? Wouldn't the humane butchering of these supposedly 'thousands' of homeless bunnies, and the distribution of the extremely healthy meat thereof to hungry children, make a lot more sense?

Or are bunnies more important than children?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Another target

Apparently Bunny World Foundation (an Animal Rights organization, as opposed to animal welfare) has targeted my good friend Franco Rios.​php?lh=a782d73e668414b3cb60f6b​20894d6d0&#!/pages/Bunny-World​-Foundation/125339407504490

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A success story

I've been getting a lot of emails, some of them very surprising, all positive, regarding my posts on the HRS and the plight of Debe Bell. One of my friends gave me permission to pass this story along:

"I am so shocked to read the report. They are accusing her of being a hoarder and stuff. That is horrible. Thank you for posting on this situation. I tell you, I am afraid now. Just early this month, I had a person that lives few blocks away from our new property go into my acre and intimidate my youngest son, J-----. Luckily, he left a card so I called him and he told me that my two horses were "emaciated and dying". He then said, "I am willing to help you, my wife and I are vet technicians, give them to me and I won't call SPCA on you." Well, I freaked out, told him, let me think on it and I'll call you back. The next day I went to the Sheriff's office and filed a complaint on him and he is barred from coming into my property--he will be arrested. They checked my horses and said they are NOT emaciated and they know that I have hay, feed, and bread, water, and other stuff and my horses have good weight. One of them is a thoroughbred, so keeping weight on him is tougher, but he is doing well. "
Fortunately the sheriffs where my friend lives, like my own local sheriffs, know livestock and what constitutes good care. The problems start when law enforcement officers, for whatever reason, buy into the idea that animals require the same or better standard of care as most humans. When this occurs, those who are sworn to serve and protect us wind up serving and protecting the wrong people.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Responsible Animal Owners Legal Defense Trust

From my friend Joyce:

We have received many inquiries as to how people can help Debe Bell with her legal defense bills in fighting her animal cruelty charges with Jefferson County. This was an attack on all rabbit breeders and it could happen to any one of us at any time. Debe intends to fight the charges and takes particular issue with the way the rabbits were seized and taken from her. The House Rabbit Society has been given too much power and is now "the voice" for responsible rabbit ownership with animal control and the DA's office. We as rabbit breeders from the show community need to take a stand with Debe in setting the record straight and protecting our rights to own and breed rabbits as livestock. Any amount you can give is greatly appreciated and will be paid directly to Debe's attorney, Liz Kearney.
or by mail;
Responsible Animal Owners Legal Defense Trust
c/o Joyce Holliday
PO Box 1287
Berthoud, CO 80513
If you have any questions or concerns or want to know further details you can respond to this email address. Please forward to anyone you think may be interested in donating.
Thank you,
Joyce Holliday

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Rabbit Education Society

If you want to know what is REALLY best for your bunnies, instead of the politically-correct Vegan Bull$hit espoused by the ASPCA, HSUS, and the House Rabbit Society, get the scoop from experienced breeders of rabbits, before it's outlawed.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The House Rabbit Society

Many of you may be familiar with the state of Animal Rights legislation in this country, and many of you may not. Essentially, organizations like PETA and the HRS have somehow become the 'authorities' regarding animal welfare. These organizations regard abuse as:

1. Breeding animals - for profit or otherwise
2. Eating animals
3. Treating animals as livestock
4. Housing your animals outside our home
5. Not treating animals as human beings

If these organizations have their way, no one will be able ever get a pet except from approved shelters, and those who do get pets will have to submit to ridiculous requirements in order to get them.

Things like 4-H, a healthy activity for young people that teaches responsible livestock management, will be a thing of the past. Eating meat will become either illegal, or so expensive as to make it beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. Animal fiber will meet the same fate. Both these organizations oppose the 'exploitation' of animals. They'll do anything to achieve their goals, including infiltrating organizations that traditionally have supported the livestock industries, including the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association).

A case in point is Debe Bell, a long-time and well-respected rabbit breeder in Colorado, whose climate-controlled barn was recently raided because of an 'anonymous tip'. It seems her barn was '4 degrees above the ideal' and she had some butchered rabbits in the freezer. OH MY!

The media naturally took the HRS' words as gospel and their report made it seem as if the poor rabbits were living in feces, when in fact the feces were appropriately residing in the trays below the cages. They also reported a small amount of dead rabbits being seized, accidentally leaving out that these were butchered rabbits they grabbed from her freezer.

The HRS intimidated Debe into signing over the rabbits, who are being sheared to the skin. In other words, they are destroying the evidence that the rabbits were in fact well cared for. Those of us who breed Angoras for wool know that even well-bred rabbits will have a mat here or there. But does the local magistrate know this? Probably not, and that's what these terroristic organizations are counting on.

They count on the fact that most Americans are so far removed from the fiber/food chain that we won't recognize a healthy animal when we see one, and will ASSUME that an angora with a mat here or there is being neglected. They count on the average American being horrified at the thought of eating a bunny. And you know what? So far, they're right.

These people have seized these rabbits, put them on a totally inappropriate diet, and rabbits will die in their care, and they'll use this in court to prove how 'sick' the rabbits were. They'll also shear the angoras down to the skin and throw away the evidence, so Debe will have no way of proving that she did not neglect them. These are their tactics, and in any other case, it would be considered tampering with the evidence and would be thrown out of court. They get around that by having an AR-friendly veterinarian claim that it was necessary because the rabbits were so dirty. How convenient!

We have to do something about this! All people who breed animals for fiber, food profit, whatever, need to band together and stop this violation of our Constitutionally guaranteed right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If people out there regard their pets as the same as humans, fine, that is their right, but their rights end when they try to impose their opinions on the rest of us via legislation, lawsuits, harassment, and other means they use to force their views upon the rest of humanity.

There is nothing illegal, immoral, or unethical about breeding animals for profit. It's about time we banded together and fought for our rights. We shouldn't have to, but we obviously do.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Heat and bunnies

My outdoor cages are under deep shade, but even so I have hiding boxes in them so the bunnies can go still darker. Out of all the babies born this Spring I kept just two, one of them does have a dropped ear, but I'm not going to hold that against her, she's just that good, and the Spring and Summer here have been that hot. The other has a killer body, and very nice wool, but has some 'normal' fur on her front paws. It's still long, but not wooly. Fortunately I have the perfect buck to breed her to when she comes of age.

The indoor bunnies (I might add that even the outdoor bunnies were indoors today) are mostly older bucks and show prospects. Yes, I do have a few REWs, but their numbers are dwindling. Black has taken over the rabbitry.

Some of my bunnies refuse to go near the frozen 2-liter bottles of water I provide for them. I can usually train them by allowing them to suffer the consequences of their bias, then putting them in a small transport cage where they can't get away from the bottle, and by this time they're too hot to care. They learn to appreciate the bottle. From that point forward, they plop down next to it as soon as I put it in their cages. However, this is only effective if you're around to monitor them while they are 'in training'.

Some never do learn to go to the bottle, and those either die or get eaten. I know that sounds cruel, but let's face it, when you're trying to breed a better rabbit, you have to take more into consideration than just conformation, wool production, and color. These same rabbits, if in the wild, would get eaten by other creatures because they're just too stupid to live.

Ultimately, I want angoras that produce a reasonable amount of wool, with good color and conformation, that reproduce well and have the sense God gave - well, a rabbit.

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shearing Party

Every year I hold a shearing party somewhere in the tri-state area to help newbies with their shearing skills, mainly to encourage them, because frankly all angoras look ridiculous without their wool lol! This year some good friends of mine agreed to host it for us, and even promised to host it every year if we so wish.

Anyway, we originally had about 20 attendees promised to attend, but life happens, and only four people besides myself managed to make it. We had a wonderful time! We had oodles of food, I got to demonstrate the German red clippers, we toured a nearby fiber mill, and we even sold a couple of bunnies.

I wish I had pictures to show you, but I was too busy. However, I do have some very nice bunnies to promote for a friend of mine. It turns out that a purebred black German buck of mine carries the gene for chocolate! He's managed to produce two litters this year, and in one of the litters, out of a black Giant doe bred by me, is a chocolate doe! She's really nice, I was soooo tempted to buy her myself, but I need to concentrate on blacks right now. I still may purchase her black brother. Anyway, she is for sale, and I can connect interested parties with her seller, the price is a firm $150.00 - cash.

The same sire has another litter out of a REW Giant/German cross doe. The dam is sired by Samson's Oscar, so this litter is 75% new import German, and 25% Giant. This litter has REWs, blacks, and chestnuts. Their prices are $75.00 for bucks and $100.00 for does.

Contact me if interested in any of the babies, I'll put you in touch with my friend. You can reach me at

jansgiants at hotmail dot com

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Babies, babies everywhere

A welcome change this year is that every single doe I bred took the first time and had litters of 8 or more! And then of course, the very best baby of all came to visit me at work:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Observations regarding Osama bin Laden's demise:

1. Since the United States supposedly froze Osama bin Laden's assets after 9/11, where did the money come from to maintain bin Laden over the years since then? The key to that would reveal our truest enemy -- the one who should be taken on next.

2. Why is the capture and killing of the world's most wanted terrorist not "Bush's fault," as is everything else, according to the Obama administration?

3. Why is the Obama administration against waterboarding -- a non-life-threatening event -- and yet sees fit to shoot a terrorist in the head?

4. Being against waterboarding, why would President Obama then OK a burial for bin Laden that was actually waterboarding in the extreme? Think about it: They strapped bin Laden to a board and shoved him into the water!

Read more: Follow-up questions - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Volcanic activity, Nuclear power, and weather

While I think (hope) this fellow is over-reacting, I'm posting this because of the point that volcanic activity has a heck of a lot more impact on our weather than we ever could. Climate change? Well of course, the climate has always changed and always will. It's the weather, that's what it does. But not because of us.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jan and Charlotte do Nationals

My good friend Charlotte and I went to the lovely town of Amana, Iowa for the NARBC National Specialty Show. Charlotte had an incredible weekend, her Pointed White French Angora Senior Doe swept the BIS's, taking BIS in both Open shows as well as the Nationals. In the picture above, she has won Best 4 Class in show A.
My Chocolate Satin Angora Senior Buck, Somerhill Banja Luka also had a good weekend, taking BOS in the two open shows.

I showed off a junior Black Giant Angora Doe, and she got great comments from everyone.

The town of Amana was simply lovely, and the local folk could not have been friendlier. Everywhere we went, young men held doors open for us, sales people and waitresses were helpful and friendly, the local shops were to die for, the folks with CRRBA could not have been nicer, all in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I hope we have Nationals there again. But with better weather. The weather was the one thing that was crappy. But, what can ya do?

Needless to say, I spent way too much money. ;) I had a lot of company in that. We also had a great time getting together, our NARBC Secretary, Margaret Bartold, hosted a nice get-together in her hotel room, and we all got to sit around and enjoy each other's company.

The ARBA Convention will be held in Indianapolis this year, I hope to see many of you who couldn't make it to Nationals.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Doin' fine!

Isn't that a fine sight indeed? Even the runt is fat! All broken except for one possible REW, we'll see what eye color the white one has.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


A number of things have got me thinking lately about the important things in life. The case of the Wisconsin politicians who fled to Illinois and the reasons they gave for doing so particularly struck me as to why this country is in the shape that it's in.

There are so many things people nowadays think we can't get along without. Computers, air conditioning, cable TV, and social welfare programs. Huh? How does that last one fit in?

Simple. My grandmother turned 100 last year. She sat at the table and reminisced about a few things, and after she'd retired for the evening her kids and grandkids sat around and talked about all the changes she'd seen in her lifetime.

When she was a kid, there was no welfare. Sure, there were soup kitchens and charities if you needed help, but mostly, if you didn't work, you didn't eat. Conversely, if you needed to eat, you could find work, it might not pay well, it might be hard work, but if you really wanted to work and eat, there was always a way. Sometimes you had to leave home and go where the work was, but it was there.

Nowadays, you go on unemployment and stay on it until you find the 'right' job. I know, because I've done it. If you don't find the 'right' job, unemployment might be extended. Or, if you're a young, pregnant mother, you can go on welfare.

Healthcare? That's a recent entitlement. It didn't exist back in Grandma's time. Of course, neither did heart transplants. Back then, if you didn't take care of yourself, or if you contracted a fatal disease, you died. Of course, most folks were too busy working for a living and cooking real food to turn into the overweight slobs most of us are (and you all know I'm overweight - although I am in better shape than my shape would lead you to believe).

Then there's our schools. We spend more and more money, and our kids get less and less education. Clearly, education and money are not linked. Think I'm wrong? Check out this link to an 8th grade exam from 1895:

Now, how many computers did those kids in 1895 have? None. How many teachers? Usually one teacher taught several grades, and the older kids helped teach the younger ones. There was no teachers union, no Dept of Education, and if your kid got out of line, he got punished. He also got a quality education.

Now, why is it that kids learned so much more back then with so much less? Then tell me how cutting school budgets will hurt our children's education. Sorry, I'm not buying it. Teachers teach kids, money doesn't.

Just as you and I learn to spend our money more wisely when we have less of it, our government needs to do the same.

What is more important to you, having a fancy, late-model car, or having health insurance? Having cable TV, or an IRA? Spending money on fast-food, or sitting down at home for a healthy, less expensive, home-cooked meal with your family?

If we'd all get our heads out of our arses, and force our government to spend money responsibly, and ONLY on the things it is Constitutionally mandated to, we'd all have more money because we'd be paying fewer taxes, and we could pay for our own benefits instead of paying out the butt and holding other taxpayers essentially at gunpoint (IRS agents can carry guns now, you know!) and forcing them to pay for us.

There are very, very few things that the government can do better than individual Americans can.

So, those politicians from Wisconsin claim that budget cuts will kill the economy, ruin education, and prevent people from getting healthcare. Is this really true? Or will it simply force people to start acting in their own self-interest, which is what they should have been doing all along?

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Nice day!

An uplifting week, despite some - well, disappointments. Hayden Eli turned one month old this week! And, my broken Satin doe had 9 babies tonight! Not purebred, I've had trouble finding a broken Satin buck that isn't closely related to my doe, So, I bred her to a broken blue French buck. But, he wasn't just any ole buck, he came from arguably the very best lines in the country. A quick peruse of the litter revealed most, if not all to be brokens. YAY!

The disappointments this week had to do with honesty and openness versus saving face. As the leader of an organization, I am answerable to its membership. When members ask me about a very real issue that I (and others) have tried unsuccessfully to resolve, what do I tell them? That I'm not allowed to deal with the issue because I myself am not perfect? That by even inquiring about the issue I am accused of attacking the person responsible? That I myself am attacked regarding an issue that the membership itself doesn't seem to consider to be an issue? It's pretty darned frustrating to not even be able to discuss this issue.

Fortunately, I do know who my friends are. And now, also who they aren't.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hayden and his blanket

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture, phone cameras aren't the best, but here is my grandson and the angora blend blanket I made for him:

This blanket will not be used as his regular blanket. Not because it isn't safe, but because the cats love it and keep trying to spirit it away! So it will be used as a travel blanket to use as a shield when my daughter has to nurse him when away from home.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The long-awaited announcement!

Introducing Hayden Eli, my new grandson. I even got to assist with his birth. :) He was born at 8:13 pm this evening, and he weighs 6 pounds 2 ounces.