Thursday, December 30, 2010

Angora and infants

So recently I had a rather heated discussion with some ladies in a spinning group. A couple of these ladies swear up & down that angora is dangerous to infants. Since I know families who have used angora in their baby items literally for generations, I was quite surprised. One of the ladies insisted that her own infant had "choked" on angora. I asked her if it had been imported chinese angora yarn (which is famous for shedding) or quality homespun and never did get an answer.

The reason this subject came up is that I am knitting a blanket for my first grandchild and it is an angora blend. The body is spun from angora and natural colored BFL, the border will be a satin angora and tussah silk blend. Needless to say, this will not be an 'everyday' blanket! But even so...

I did some research and found nothing indicating that angora is a danger to infants.

So, I thought I would ask all of you. Do you think angora is dangerous to infants? Mind you, it seems these days everything I ever used with my kids seems to be dangerous - how did they ever survive? But seriously, do any of you believe that an item made from well-constructed homespun angora blend would really endanger a baby?

Friday, December 03, 2010

My final decision on Purina Fibre3

So, after over a year of using Purina Fibre3 and observing how my rabbits perform on it, I'm switching to Purina Show. Both have no corn, but the Show formula has 16% protein, and Fibre3 only 15%. Once upon a time, Fibre3 had 17% protein, and I was quite happy with it, but with the reduction to 15% my rabbits did not hold their condition. I think Fibre3 is a marvelous feed for those whose rabbits tend to be overweight, but it just doesn't cut it with most of mine.

I've also tried a new supplement, Dr Cheeke's YQ+. My rabbits give it mixed reviews, but most of them do eat it, especially if it is included in my mix of Calf Manna, Showbloom, and crimped oats. I was anxious to try it on a buck who came home from Convention with sneezes, because it is supposed to help with stress and illness. So far, it has made no difference on that front, but it definitely does reduce the ammonia in the urine. For that reason, I give it a thumbs-up.

I have no shows planned until the PA Convention, which I plan to attend unless the birth of my first grandchild preempts it. :)

UARC plans to have a 'fun' class for all angora varieties under CODs, specifically Black Giants, Broken English, and Broken Satins. So, if you breed those varieties, plan on showing some at the PA Convention February 5 & 6. We need to get good examples out there in front of judges and other folks. We need to educate everyone on what makes a good example of these varieties, because apparently some supposedly educated people don't have a clue. :(