Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Giant Angoras PT I

A reader asked if I could post more about Giants. I've written a few posts of their origin, and their close relation to Germans, so I'll skip that this time around.

The thing that distinguishes Giants the most from the English, Satin, and French is their coat. They have 3 types of hair in their coat. First is the thick, straight guard hair, which supports and extends up over the wool, giving the rabbit a halo effect. Second is the awn fluff, which is sort of half-way between a guard hair and under wool. It has a guard hair tip, but is very wavy and finer than the guard hair. Last is the underwool, fine, crimpy, soft, and dense.

Technically, all angoras have awn fluff, but Giants and Germans have more of it.

Another distinguishing factor is size. The minimum weight for Giant bucks is 9 1/2 pounds, the minimum for does is 10 pounds. In order to get that weight, or better yet more, you need bone. I've read from several good sources that short, wide feet indicate good bone, and since I started paying attention to that, I think I agree.

Being large rabbits with heavy coats, you can literally get a pound of wool from one clipping. Personally, I prefer a somewhat softer, finer coat, but I still get nearly a pound of wool per clipping.

Currently, Giants are showable only in Ruby Eyed White (REW), or albino. Colors are being worked on, and I have been notified that my Certificate of Development for Blacks has been accepted. My first presentation will be at the 2012 ARBA Convention. Wish me luck!

Next post will be about cross-breeding, something I have a lot of experience with.

Above is JG's Princess Clover right after winning 2 BOB's during a trip to New York.


Dustin said...

Congrats on the COD I can not wait to see them at convention! Best of luck to ya, you have several of us rooting for you!

Jan said...

Thank you, Dustin! :)

Lilac Haven said...

beautful rabbit

Jan said...

Thank you, Annette!

Texas Angora Blog said...

Hello Jan,
I am so excited for your COD. The black colored Giants must surely look beautiful! I wonder, though, will they be able to get distinguished from the Black Germans? Best of Luck and keep us posted on new developments. Looking forward to part II!

Jan said...

Hi Ricardo,

Thank you!

Since the breeds are so similar, no I don't think they'll be distinguishable from Black Germans.