Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If Islam is a religion of peace...

... why is it that they don't police themselves? Why are they putting up mosques where they aren't wanted or needed, instead of banding together and attacking the terrorists within them?

So I wanted to elaborate on this further. Do I hate Islam? No. I do not respect it, however. I've seen the videos by major news networks of Iraqis and Afghanis - among others - who teach their children in school about how evil the US is. They go right on camera and freely profess it. We, OTOH, do not teach our children that people different from us are evil, nor do we teach that Islam is evil. We don't have to. The terrorists do a fine job of that all by themselves.

Occasionally some idiot will point out atrocities performed supposedly - and in some cases really - in the name of Christianity. Hundreds of years ago. We outgrew that phase. Once in a great while some idiot will blow up an abortion clinic. Yet, even though most of us abhor abortion, the perpetrator is arrested and brought to justice. We don't glorify them, we're ashamed of them. That's probably why it seldom happens.

OTOH, there are extensive lists of terroristic acts in many countries performed in the name of Allah, and these terrorists are heroes in their countries. Especially if the acts of terrorism are against the US.

Read through the entire site, you might not agree with everything, but it is nevertheless very thorough and damning, even if only a fraction of it is true. And it's way more than a fraction that is true.

Anyway, if Islam wants to impress upon Americans how peaceful a religion it is, it needs to quit forcing itself upon people, even if it is legal, and Islamic countries need to band together and annihilate terrorism within their ranks. Until they do, they are and will be part of the problem.

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