Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Mission Statement"

I decided to come up with a sort-of mission statement for my rabbitry. There are a couple of people out there who claim to know what I "really" mean when I say something straight -forward and in plain English, and what they claim I "really" mean bears little resemblance to what I actually say, but here goes anyway. I'm sure some folks will have a field day with it, but I don't care.

The goal of Jan's Giants is to promote the Giant/German Angora to its fullest. I want to produce a true all-around workhorse of a wool rabbit, who is robust and healthy, and meets Louise Walsh's vision of an economically housed and fed rabbit. I want to breed a non-molting wool producer that can be shorn every 90 days, every 120 days, or whatever suits the owner, much like today's English Angoras, but with faster wool growth and more density. This rabbit should not require more special care or diet than any other angora, in fact it should require very little in the way of grooming, apart from a monthly nail trim and a trim around the vent area. It's wool should withstand mill production but still be soft, not scratchy.

Angora wool typically is 12 - 16 microns:

Fine sheep wool can be as high as 22 microns:

I want rabbits whose wool measures no more than 20 microns, preferably less, who can produce 12 ounces every 90 days, and who reproduce - well, like rabbits. Specifically, I expect my does to be able, ready, and willing to produce 3 litters a year. That's a month to be pregnant, 8 weeks to raise the kits, and a month to re-condition. I expect my bucks to get the does bred in 9 out of 10 attempts.

These rabbits should reach 10 pounds of weight by 8 months of age, and should have a good commercial body type. They should come in other colors besides REW.

They should also be friendly, laid-back, and easy to handle. They should perform just as well on the show table as they do in wool production and reproduction. They should also make great pets.

That's what I'm shooting for. That's my idea of the perfect Giant/German Angora. It might not be yours.

Friday, January 08, 2010

World-wide deep freeze

What's interesting is, while researching this post, I found similar articles from 2008 and 2009. I also found articles claiming the freeze is actually a result of global warming.

Um, sorry, you can't have it both ways. The above reasoning reflects the shift from claims of global warming to the somewhat more believable claims of "climate change". Of course the climate is changing, that's what the weather does. Duh!

There have been an estimated 5 other global warmings - all before Man appeared on the planet. All immediately following the 5 "Ice Ages".

Want to read some truly funny stuff? Google "global warming 2012". Hmmm... it's 2010 but none of those things seem to be happening, in fact I'd welcome some global warming right about now. How about you? ;)