Tuesday, December 22, 2009

New Year's resolutions

Well, it's been an interesting year! It's had its ups & downs. After looking back, upon much reflection, and seeing the advice of a good friend being born out quite literally, I've decided to cut back on blogging, keep the content of my website down, and keep most of my current activity to myself. It seems there are people out there who troll my blog just to try to pick stuff out of it to deliberately misrepresent. And to think I was warned it was going to happen and I didn't quite believe it. I do now. Takes me awhile, but I do catch on eventually.

Lack of information works for other people, now I'm going put it to work for myself. :)

I'll still post the political stuff, and genetics, feed, health, and general care posts, but specifics of how and what I'm doing... I think not. I've developed a respectable local market for my goods, so I don't need to advertise much anymore. I've gone back in time, so to speak, and it's working for me. I'll still be promoting the things that work for me, and addressing the things that didn't, however. So stay tuned.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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