Monday, December 28, 2009

More on Purina Fibre 3

So, I got a couple of bags of the new feed, I mixed some with the last of the old formula and the bunns seem to like it just fine. What I decided to do is buy a richer hay mix to make up for the reduced protein content. Fortunately, the guy I buy hay from is a sort of "hay connoisseur", it's what he does for a living and he has several mixes available, all of which he grows himself. In a way, I think this may have worked out for the best, as the hay and the pellets are now more balanced in protein and fiber content, which is good for hind-gut health. OTOH, I'm now buying more expensive hay. So, I'm currently paying about twice as much now for pellets and hay than I was 3 years ago. Yet gas prices have gone down and stayed down...? Hmmm...

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