Wednesday, September 16, 2009

wooler bucks

To elaborate on the wooler bucks, they are old-line Germans, not the recent imports. So, if you liked the older German Angoras better, these smaller and finer-fleeced bucks are available for an excellent price. They have a somewhat incomplete pedigree (2 generations) but will have a full 3-gen pedigree when bred to your does. $25.00 a piece, if you come & get them.


Angoraknitter said...

Hello, I'm looking into german angoras. I was trying to find something more local, but when it comes to rabbits, yours might be as close as it gets. I used to have English Angoras. Someone told me you don't have to groom German angoras, is that true?

Jan said...

Hi, where are you located? Your profile says CA, I'm nowhere near that. :(

Most German owners I know shear every 90 days and only trim the butt and face in between. So, little or no brushing is necessary, but you still need to trim toenails and give ivermectin for mite prevention.

Hope that helps!