Saturday, August 01, 2009

Pumpkin update

Due to the cool, dry weather we've had until very recently, this pumpkin is not nearly as large as it should be for 21 days old, but it has finally taken off this week and about tripled in size. Its estimated weight is 59.3 lbs. Hopefully it will be at least 10 times that size by weigh-off. I can't wait to see how its color turns out, its shape is quite nice.

I wish I could find the article online, our paper published an article, based upon studies by NASA and the US Naval Research Laboratory, that said that the last few cool (!) years have been due to an unusual lack of sunspots and lack of a strong El Nino, but that the activity on the sun's surface is picking up again and we should expect a strong El Nino and a mild winter.

How refreshing to see a liberal rag finally admit that global warming is caused by the sun. Now if they'd just take the next logical step and quit blaming humans for it!


Dustin said...

Pumpkin looks great! I have one myself the vine found its way to the corn patch so its growing in the middle of sweet corn LOL.

Auntie C said...

Jan, is that your beer can? LOL A handy size gauge.
Chris O.

Somerhill said...

I've been wondering about your pumpkin, Jan. I'd been concerned there had been a tragedy, and so am pleased to see an up to date photo. It is a pretty shape and color.

Dittoes on the sun comments....

Jan said...

No no no, it isn't mine, I swear it... ! lol

I prefer Yeungling in bottles. ;

Beer cans are the gauge of choice in the giant pumpkin growing community, although Budweiser is preferred. I hope my choice doesn't jinx my pumpkin into going "light" - lol.