Tuesday, August 18, 2009


My "conference call" with Senator Casey was nothing more than a pre-recorded propaganda session. :(

In it, he plagarized a speech given by Bill Clinton back around 1992 where Bubba claimed that "if we do nothing, American families will spend over 50% of their income on healthcare costs."

Funny how that still hasn't happened, isn't it?

He also claimed that the OBAMA healthcare package would reduce the deificit (which has nearly TRIPLED in 7 months under OBAMA. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE???? OBAMA has tripled what it took Bush EIGHT YEARS to do!)

In fact, even the Congressional Budget Office has acknowledged that this package will worsen the situation:

He also cherry-picked some examples of people who "fell through the cracks". He neglected to mention that people who know they are sick should not decide to have babies and quit their jobs. Don't get me wrong, I truly do feel bad for such folks, but...

Is it too much to ask that we use a little common sense? Any time you create a .gov program to help people who have made bad decisions in life, you perpetuate those bad decisions, because people start thinking they have the right to keep making those bad decisions because the .gov will/should/MUST take care of them. Look at welfare. We used to have families of single moms with 6 kids living off the .gov teat. When Republicans forced welfare reform through, and mandated that only 2 children would be paid for, viola, suddenly poor moms started having fewer kids, they went back to work, and the welfare rolls decreased:

The point is, it is human nature to take the easiest route. If a safety net is offered, it is relied upon, not used temporarily, then cast away. If we hold people accountable for the decisions they make, and allow them to suffer the consequences, they learn and do not repeat them.

I've been on welfare, food stamps, and I've gone 3 years without medical insurance. I do feel for these people. But the answer is not to enable them. The answer is for them to grow up and take care of themselves. It's a simple matter of priorities. What is more inportant? A big-screen TV, or medical insurance? A cool car, or medical insurance? A case of beer in the fridge, or medical insurance?

Socialized medicine has never, ever truly decreased medical costs. It may appear to, but when you look at the tax burden it imposes on the productive members of society, you see that it in fact increases health care costs - and waiting times.

I have no problem in taking care of people who TRULY cannot care for themselves. I do, however, have serious issues with paying for the care of people who WILL NOT take care of themselves, because they know someone else will. That is what the OBAMA plan will bring us to, history has demonstrated it over and over.

"When Massachusetts passed its pioneering health
care reforms in 2006, critics warned that they would
result in a slow but steady spiral downward toward a
government-run health care system. Three years later,
those predictions appear to be coming true:
•Although the state has reduced the number of
residents without health insurance, 200,000
people remain uninsured. Moreover, the increase
in the number of insured is primarily
due to the state’s generous subsidies, not the
celebrated individual mandate.
•Health care costs continue to rise much faster
than the national average. Since 2006, total
state health care spending has increased by
28 percent. Insurance premiums have increased
by 8–10 percent per year, nearly double
the national average.
• New regulations and bureaucracy are limiting
consumer choice and adding to health
care costs.
•Program costs have skyrocketed. Despite tax increases,
the program faces huge deficits. The state
is considering caps on insurance premiums, cuts
in reimbursements to providers, and even the
possibility of a “global budget” on health care
spending—with its attendant rationing.
•A shortage of providers, combined with increased
demand, is increasing waiting times to
see a physician.
With the “Massachusetts model” frequently
cited as a blueprint for health care reform, it is
important to recognize that giving the government
greater control over our health care system
will have grave consequences for taxpayers, providers,
and health care consumers. That is the lesson
of the Massachusetts model."

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it”

Monday, August 17, 2009

Someone turned me in!!!

Remember hearing in the news that the Obama Administration was looking for people making negative comments about their healthcare plan? Well, apparently someone turned me in.

Tomorrow night Senator Casey of PA will call me to participate in a conference call about the OBAMA healthcare plan.

LOL. I am armed with facts and ready.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Losing Our Way of Life Pt III


I decided to give it some time before I continued with this series, and I'm glad I did. I have a few installments planned. This one is about the healthcare plan that the OBAMA administration tried to shove down our throats without giving legislators time to read it. They sounded like one of those irritating TV salesmen...

"This is the greatest thing that ever was, But YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW!!!!! Or it will be gone forever!!!!"

Yeah, right. Watch the video above.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

Pumpkin update

Due to the cool, dry weather we've had until very recently, this pumpkin is not nearly as large as it should be for 21 days old, but it has finally taken off this week and about tripled in size. Its estimated weight is 59.3 lbs. Hopefully it will be at least 10 times that size by weigh-off. I can't wait to see how its color turns out, its shape is quite nice.

I wish I could find the article online, our paper published an article, based upon studies by NASA and the US Naval Research Laboratory, that said that the last few cool (!) years have been due to an unusual lack of sunspots and lack of a strong El Nino, but that the activity on the sun's surface is picking up again and we should expect a strong El Nino and a mild winter.

How refreshing to see a liberal rag finally admit that global warming is caused by the sun. Now if they'd just take the next logical step and quit blaming humans for it!