Thursday, May 14, 2009

Meet Dusty's Smoke

Here is one of my newest additions to the rabbitry, Dusty's Smoke. He has a very promising body under all that fluff, and the crimp to his wool is amazing. He'll get his first shearing soon. Smoke has an interesting mix of bloodlines that should mesh beautifully with my own.

Members of Dark's litter are finding their way to their new homes, all but the little tort should be gone by the end of the month. She'll hang around here until we can figure out a way to get her to Vermont, as well as a way back home for a bunny I'll be getting. I'll be posting a very patriotic picture of these bunnies over the holiday weekend. ;)

I took a day off work today to help out at an alpaca shearing. A friend of mine has around 50 alpacas and today they all got nekkid. They weren't too thrilled by it all, but the shearer was quick and gentle and they were each done in less than 5 minutes, none the worse for wear. Now there are bags upon bags of fiber to be skirted, sorted, and washed. I plan on buying a pound of some beautiful golden fiber.


Annette said...

I admired him at the OH convention.

The alpaca is great to blend with angora. Make lovely yarn.

Dustin said...

Smoke looks great Janet! You will have to let me know as soon as you get babies from him!

Texas Angora Blog said...

This is such a nice rabbit. I just love the color! It looks quite dark and rich.