Saturday, March 14, 2009

Rainbow litter and bunny sex

Do you see what I see? Three Torts! At least one of which looks to me like it might be a Torted Otter, or even ... RED. Now supposedly you cannot get Red without Agouti, but I have read that non-extension Tan looks exactly like Red. Time will tell. Besides the three Torts, there looks to be a REW, a Blue, a Blue Tan Pattern, and two Black Tan Patterns. Whether they will be Tan or Otter remains to be seen.

The lone self Blue puzzles me. I thought for sure Crosby was homozygous for Tan Pattern, but apparently not. I'm also wondering where Dark got the non-extension gene from. Her mom Yeungling never threw Torts, even when bred to bucks whom I knew for a fact carried it. So, that leaves Oscar as the probably source, although his breeding to Sunrise (pictured below) didn't result in any Torts. Speaking of Sunrise, here she is with her shy little brood:

I know Oscar carries wideband and throws some nice rufus, if he also carries non-extension, that opens the possibilty of purebred Red German Angoras! Woo Hoo!

I'm having so much fun with colors, I may someday abandon REWs totally. That would mean not showing, unless I or someone else starts getting colors developed and approved in Giants.

Which brings me to a funny thing I noticed about Nino, my purebred Black German. He's been having issues getting does bred. He tries his little heart out, but he just can't seem to connect. One day, as the doe who was in with him was getting frustrated, I took him out and flipped him over to see if something was in the way - maybe he got matted from trying so hard or something... warning... warning... explicit language coming up... leave now or prepare to be offended...

This rabbit's willy was out and ready, and was also a good THREE INCHES LONG!!! And curved! I honestly wonder how he possibly could manuver that sucker in there! No wonder he can't get anyone bred! Could you imagine if, proportionately, a man had one like that? Whoa, get out the yardstick!!! ROFLMAO!!!

Now I dunno, maybe all bucks are like that, I've never interrupted on at that point before, but GEEZ!


Joyce said...

Hi Janet,
All of the ones I've ever caught extended out looked like that. Glad to hear my boy is well endowed :>). I've had boys before that never acted as though they connected, but actually did, like Danny boy who surprised me with at least two litters before I ever saw the typical buck manuevers signifying connection. I love your rainbow litter.

Annette said...

Nice litter of chubby babies.

Barbara said...

Like Joyce said, she saw something similar on her bucks. I had a young buck out that I was shearing on his belly recentyly and he got sexually aroused and displayed such an appendage, long and curved. I thought two things. #1 is this normal? and #2 he was a really dumb bunny when I had a moving clipper in my hand. :)