Monday, February 09, 2009

RIP laptop, PaSRBSA shows

My faithful IBM T30 has finally bitten the dust. I almost feel like I lost a friend.

I didn't keep track of much of the goings-on at the PaSRBA show. I was so busy grooming and taking care of rabbit sales and transportation stuff that I didn't pay much attention to results. Louis and Lizzie did well in the UARC Specialty judged by ARBA Prez Dr. Chris Hayhow. Louis took BOS and Lizzie was in the running for BOB, Terri Robertson's super Sr doe beat her out. In the PaSRBA Open shows, they both placed dead last in their classes on Saturday, they placed well on Sunday, but didn't win anything. Tomorrow they'll be shorn and bred. :)

Update: Got my show report today - Lizzie got a Best Wool on Sunday! Woo hoo!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, I bred Joy to Oscar one final time before he left to go visit a friend's German doe for awhile. I also had bred him to Sunrise, who will be going to her new home this weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Joy actually took this time. At the same time, I bred Guin to Nino. I tried Dark and Crosby, but Dark wasn't having any part of it. I'll try them again tomorrow.

I picked up a new "Giant Fuzzy Lop", actually a purebred French Lop with wool, whom I named King Midas, since he is a gold-tipped Steel and I wanted to stick with the royalty names for these lines. I'll get a pic up as soon as I shear him. His first date will eventually be with Joy. I'm hoping to get a chestnut doe out of that breeding and breed her to Nino when she's old enough.

So hopefully I'll have some full nestboxes soon. :)

Menawhile, here are some pictures my friend Annette took at the show:

This is me holding Lizzie

And this is Dr. Hayhow judging Giants:


Annette said...

I love the photo of you with Louis.

Annette said...

I mean Lizzie. Isn't weird how you can tell your own identical rabbits apart so easily but everyone else keeps getting them mixed up. :-)

Jan said...

LOL! Thanks Annette!

Denise said...

Hi Jan, Congratulations on your UARC win....did I spell that right? And how cool about your new fuzzy french lop. Do I understand you correctly that he is he a golden steel? I'd love to see what happens with his progeny....i.e. that pretty color with a German type body and wool. How fun!

Jan said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you! Yes, you spelled it right!

Yes, Midas is a gold-tipped Steel. I can't seem to get away from that color! Should I keep you in mind for a steel baby from him?

Denise said...

Hey again, Yes definitely keep me in mind for a steel fuzzy cross!

BTW Mr. Clean is doing great! I had hoped he would have a show coat for my local show this weekend. Sadly, the dampness in the barn was more than I could keep up with and one bad matt developed on his rump. He is doing fine here and seems to like me. I really love the GA personality. take good care, d