Sunday, January 18, 2009

No babies...

I guess the does thought it was too cold. I bred 4 does, and I could swear 3 of them took. But, no babies. :(

I'm going to wait now until after the PA Convention to breed again. Plus, I'm going to forget about, at least for now, trying to breed a purebred chocolate German. All my energy is going to be focused on producing the perfect Giant, colored or otherwise. To that end, some stock will be leaving here. Donna has hit her third strike, she'll be sold as a wooler. I can't keep feeding a doe who won't produce babies. It's a shame, she has a spectacular coat, but if she can't or won't pass those genes on, she's useless to me. Oscar will be camping out at a friend's rabbitry for awhile, making purebred German babies. :) Garritt, my little French buck, will be re-homed. He is a cute little fella, but doesn't make senior weight even for a French, so I'll find a spinning home for him. Sunrise will move on to a pet home. She has done her part here and deserves a comfortable retirement. Lizzie might be sold at Convention, if not, she'll be bred to Louis.

So, the only purebred Germans will be Nino and Joy. The rest will be Giants.

Germans certainly have left their stamp here, Louis, Guin, and Lizzie are 3/4 German and 1/4 French Lop. Their offspring will produce Giants with clean pedigrees. The German in their background is a blend of old lines and 2002 import lines. In my opinion, they have perfect texture and density. Special Dark, my young Black Otter Giant doe, is a daughter of Oscar. Her mother is a blend of Giant, French, Tan, and Thrianta (talk about genetic diversity!) Dark inherited her dad's wonderful wool and her mom's rufous. She'll be bred to Crosby, my Black Tan Giant buck. Crosby is heavily inbred back to my original Giant/Tan cross. He lacks texture (needs frequent grooming) but has a nice body, nice furnishings, and has every color gene I want (atat Bb C? Dd EE ww). Cadbury, my Chocolate Otter Giant doe, is a blend of Giant, German, French, and Tan. She has a wonderful little body and decent wool, and will be bred to Nino.

So, most of my breedings will be back to my own lines. Louis will be bred to either Lizzie or Guin, depending on whether Lizzie sells. Guin will be bred to either Louis or Nino. Nino and Cadbury will be bred together, and Crosby and Dark.

I have special plans for Joy . Those of you who attend the PA Convention will get to see those plans. :)

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Joyce said...

So with these plans how am I to get my Oscar baby?

Jan said...

Hi Joyce,

Oscar is only temporarily visiting my friend. I am also getting a baby from this arrangement. :)