Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hopefully more bunnies on the way...

Well Oscar truly is back! Just ask Joy, who is happily contemplating motherhood. I just hope she's better at it this time around. Sunrise was not so eager, I put her in with Oscar instead of Crosby, because I want to see if Oscar carries chocolate or not. Well, Sunrise wanted nothing of it. So, I'll give her more time and try again in a month. Likewise, her daughter Cadbury was not thrilled with Nino. Time will tell if that breeding took. She was somewhat more cooperative than last month, so maybe. Donna was all over Garritt like a wet puppy. I don't think Garritt ever truly connected, tho'. Why do rabbits only multiply like rabbits when you don't want them to?

So far, the Purina Fibre3 is working out well. I do think I'm seeing a bit more soft stools because of the slightly higher protein level. I'm also supplementing with Calf-Manna now, just a little, not quite a teaspoon. I was using Pen Pal's ShowBoost, but I became concerned with high kit mortality. I don't know why I suddenly saw so much bad mothering and lack of milk coming in, but the only thing that had changed back then was the supplement. I had awesome coats, but fewer babies that made it. So, when I changed feeds over, I also changed supplements. Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it won't.

Donna's coat right now is just stunning. The density on this doe is just amazing. If I can just get some babies from her...!!!

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