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Clinton, Gore, Babbitt Gang Taking Over Obama Natural Resources

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Clinton, Gore, Babbitt Gang Taking Over Obama Natural Resources

Obama prepares to finish Babbitt’s “War on the West.”

Rural America in grave danger!!

Please forward this message as widely as possible—quickly!

-----Draft of Environmental Organization Transition Plan For Obama

Administration Can Be Found At

Omnibus Bill Report below.

-----Special Note: This plan is the Environmental Group outline for the next four to eight years of the Obama Administration for the Natural Resources part of the Government. Interior, Agriculture, Corps of Engineers, Environmental Protection Agency, Council on Environmental Quality and others.

The change you've been waiting for is just about to arrive.

And on Federal lands and property rights issues, the change looks like a return to the bad old days of Bill Clinton and Bruce Babbitt's War on the West.

Leading the Obama transition team for the Interior Department are David Hayes and John Leshy. Hayes was Deputy Secretary of the Interior under Secretary Babbitt in the Clinton Administration.

Hayes now works for the World Wildlife Fund. Leshy was Solicitor General of the Interior Department under Babbitt. Leshy has spent his whole career trying to get natural resource producers, especially small miners, off Federal lands.

Both Hayes and Leshy have been mentioned as on the list to be Obama's choice for Interior Secretary. Incredibly, some of the other names being mentioned are even worse. Most of them served in the Clinton Administration and most of them have worked for one of the radical preservationist groups.

-----Think back to what those years--1993 to 2001--were like when Clinton and Babbitt were waging their War on the West.

----- (Remember that now both the House and Senate are controlled by the Democrats, who are generally not supportive of you. In the 90’s Clinton had a Republican Senate and House during some of his term that provided some check and balance. The danger today to you is much greater with the Democrats in complete charge of the Presidency, House and Senate.)

During the Clinton years ----

Logging stopped in our National Forests;

Grazing permittees harassed and arrested;

Huge areas closed to entry under the General Mining Law;

Trails closed to off-roaders and snow-mobilers;

Thousands of miles of roads closed by the Roadless Rule;

Inholders were denied access to their own property and under threat of massive land acquisition; and

Hundreds of species were listed as endangered under the ESA.

Now, the same people who gave us the Roadless Rule are getting ready to come back. They didn't get everything locked up and closed down during the eight Clinton years largely because the Republicans won control of the House and Senate. But now Nancy Pelosi is Speaker of the House and Harry Reid is Senate Majority Leader.

The radical preservationists that staffed Babbitt's Interior Department want to finish what they started.

Lock it up.

Close it down.

No natural resource production allowed.

Recreation and hunting prohibited on millions of more acres.

Huge new Wilderness Areas.

Hundreds and hundreds more endangered species listings.

Even widespread condemnation of private inholdings is on their agenda.

The 26,000,000 acre National Landscape Conservation System (NLCS) is a first class example of what they are going to try to do nationally.

Here's what you need to do to stop the second War on the West.

Deluge your Senators office (For the New Congress) to urge them not to approve John Leshy, David Hayes or any other Babbitt Interior Department Alumni as Secretary of Interior. You do not want to have to fight for survival in a new Obama War On The West.

Call any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

Ask for their e-mail and/or fax number. Send them a letter opposing the new War On The West.

You must act quickly.

-----Urgent Action Required --

------You successfully defeated the giant Omnibus Federal Land Grab Bill.

But Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Senate Majority Leader, promises that it will be high if not first on his agenda in the new Congress.

-----You must be all over your Senators like a cheap suit by phone, fax and e-mail to head of this terrible land grab. Call Any Senator at (202) 224-3121.

Chuck Cushman

Executive Director


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