Sunday, November 23, 2008

Purina Fibre3...

... Is my new rabbit food. You can get more information on it here:

It smells great, the bunns like it, and it has a small pellet, perfect for young rabbits. It is also a fixed-formula pellet, which I insist upon. None of that "forage products" stuff. No corn.

However, it isn't cheap. $13.99 per 50# bag. I know, it could be worse. But I got a better deal with Blue Seal.

Oscar continues to do well, he's back to his lovable self. I don't know if he'll ever have quite the great condition that he used to, his backbone is still kinda prominent, but he is lively and happy, so I'm happy. The week after Thanksgiving he'll get his chance with Joy again.

So everyone is clipped down and growing new coats. I have a nice young French buck, courtesy of Celtic Hare, who has very nice depth and texture. Why do I have a French angora in my rabbitry? Why, to see if Donna carries chocolate. Garritt is a lilac tort, heavily line bred, and no albino in his background, nor have any popped up in related litters. I wanted a non-albino carrier so that I could properly evaluate Donna's genes without wondering what the white bunnies were underneath. Tort Giants or Germans who don't have a REW parent are very hard to find! Being the most recesive color, Garritt's babies will reflect the dam's genes. Here's hoping Donna has a chocolate gene! Of course, this means I'll have some super wooler bunnies available in the Spring. :) Whether or not she does carry chocolate, her next breeding will be to Nino. He was her original date, but I need to find out which, if any, of my purebreds carries chocolate. So, Nino is being paired with Cadbury. Oscar would have been bred to Sunrise, who carries chocolate but not albino, but he was ill. So Sunrise was bred to Crosby instead. This breeding will tell me whether Crosby is homozygous for Tan. So hopefully before the end of the year, I'll know what most of my purebreds carry - or don't. :)


Mary Jane's Hippity Hop World said...

This is really nice.
Janet, can you elaborate the need for the new rabbit club? I've heard things throughout, but I think if you can inform us about the need for another club, aside from NARBA, would help us make choices and go to your club, instead.

Thanks so much. I love your blog with all your information!
Mary Jo

Jan said...

Hi Mary Jo,

I assume you mean UARC. Which really isn't so new anymore, and wasn't referred to in this post.

I belong to both the NARBC and UARC. UARC was formed to be an open and responsive club that could be dynamic and timely in response to its members. Belonging to UARC makes it easy to sponsor angora specialty shows throughout the country, and we have other irons in the fire as well. In the works are a herdsman sweepstakes, fiber sweepstakes, software free for members' use, and a wool co-op.

UARC is all about making things happen, and not preventing progress because "that's the way we've always done things".

If you are a person who actively likes to make things happen, and doesn't sit around and wait for someone else to do it, then UARC would very much like to make your acquaintance. :)