Thursday, October 09, 2008

Social Security and the stock market

OBAMA has an ad out critical of the attempt to allow younger citizens the right to invest part of their Social Security contributions in the Stock Market.

Except, if you see the ad on TV or listen to it on the radio, it leaves certain key facts out - that it was limited to YOUNGER citizens, who can afford more risk, and that it still only allowed them to invest PART of their contributions - the rest would safe (cough, cough) in the .gov coffers (pun intended).

Fact is, this is the best time ever to be investing in the Stock Market. The money you invest now is buying stocks at a fraction of their worth. I wish I had more cash on hand right now. If I did, you bet it would be buyng stocks.

This is the problem I have with OBAMA. He and his campaign deliberatly LIE. Yes, LIE. That and the fact that his platform changes with the polls... was against drilling, now he's all for it... was going to pull the troops from Iraq, not he acknowledges they need to stay a bit longer...

Want to know what OBAMA thinks? Check the polls.

OBAMA is not a leader. OBAMA is a puppet. We need leaders in office.

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