Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Redistribution of wealth...

... is what Socialism is all about (although it always seems to wind up in .gov officials' hands and not the citizenry's) and it is, in his own words, what OBAMA is all about, too.

I am not surprised, but then I don't rely on the standard news media for my information. If you don't research what they say, you deserve what you get. Unfortunately, you saddle me with your choice, too. :<

One thing that astounds me is how free OBAMA wants to be with our money, yet he can't or won't "lift" his own brother out of poverty. Seems to me he should tend to his own before telling the rest of us that he can distribute our hard-earned wealth better than we can:

OBAMA misrepresents the current financial situation of this country and how we got there, and yet thinks he can tax us out of it. Amazing. I don't understand how anyone would vote for him over Hillary, and even less why any logical, educated person would vote for him over McCain (although I'm not all that crazy about mcCain, either).

But, when you don't question his ads or the media's favoritism and even outright lies about the economy and this administration, I guess he looks pretty good. Style over substance.

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