Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Oh, my aching back!

It was a busy weekend of grooming, shearing, and cleaning. All the bunny poop is out from under the cages and in the garden, where it will nourish next year's tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, and PUMPKIN. :D

Louis was groomed within an inch of his life, lol! This weekend he and the others will get more of the same. Everyone is looking pretty good right now. Big coats drive me nuts, though, I want so badly to get those coats off and BREED those bunns! They'd be happy with that as well, lol!

I'll be sure to get pics of them at Convention, when they are all groomed out and looking their best. As soon as judging is over, off those coats will come, and next month - BABIES!!! :D

Joy will be permanently retired after Convention. She has earned her 3 legs, if I registered her she'd be a Grand Champion. Louis will be aimed at Nationals in the Spring, and then he will be retired as well. Their babies will make up my next show string.

I've downsized a great deal, and may downsize some more. I even though of giving up on the Tans, until I sheared this young lady:

This is JG's Cadbury, a chocolate otter doe, who gave me 8 ounces of prime at 7 months of age. Yep, I think i'm hanging onto her a while longer. :) She has a date coming up with Nino to see if he carries chocolate.

Talk to you after Convention!

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