Friday, October 31, 2008

2008 ARBA Convention

I'm BB-AA-CC-KK ! The top pics are of some Giant Angora juniors, and the bottom pic is of the BOB senior buck.

JG's King Louis won his class - Intermediate Bucks. There was only one other rabbit in his class, but unlike Louis, that buck wasn't blowing his coat, so I feel fortunate that he did that well. The judge loved his body. The owner of the other intermediate buck bought JG's King George, Louis' half-brother. I also sold JG's Queen Victoria, George's sister, to my good friend Dustin. These are all descendants of King's Pewter, my fuzzy French Lop doe.

Meanwhile, Oscar is not doing well. I had shorn his top half a couple of weeks ago, and right before I left for Convention, I finished up his legs and tummy. He promptly went off feed, and continued while I was away. Bob did what he could, giving him papaya tablets and Quaker oats, but he was in bad shape when I got home. He appears to have developed wry neck and pneumonia. I have given him two shots of penicillin, one dose of ivermectin, and the wry neck has dissipated and he is on his feet again, but still not eating or drinking. I am giving him fluids with an eye dropper and spooning cooked oatmeal into him. Please say a prayer for him.


Auntie C said...

Use Baytril for the URI and wry neck.

Jan said...

Hi Auntie C,

I have used Baytril in the past, and not had much luck with it. I've had much better luck with Pen PB-48 sub-Q.

The good news is, Oscar is on his feet and eating and drinking on his own, although not as much as I'd like him to. He still has quite a way to go to full recovery, but he is improving.