Monday, September 22, 2008

Washington County show

A good time was had by all. Charlotte Schweikart swept the French Angora classes, and did very well with Jersey Woolies, taking BOB and BOS in show A, and BOS in show B, if I remember correctly. Giant Angora was split, Kathy Taylor took BOB and BOS in show A, and I got BOB (with Joy) and Kathy got BOS in show B. No Satin Angoras were shown, and only 3 English breeders showed, 2 Adult and 1 Youth.

My friends Phill and Judy Osborn earned a BIS with one of my "grandkids" at (I think) the Jersey Shores show. YYAAYY!!!!

Hopefully next weekend I can show at least one of my bucks at Blennerhasset in Marietta, OH. They've needed some work, the humidity has wreaked havoc on everyone's coat but Joy's. Can't wait to get some babies from her!

On another good note, I sheared Donna last weekend and she not only cooperated, she even gave me a bunny kiss. Maybe there's hope for her, afterall. :)

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