Saturday, August 09, 2008

Growing like crazy!

The pumpkin is now almost 100" around! It weighs over 200 pounds now, and is gaining 10 - 20 pounds a night. That's a twin sized fitted sheet lying wadded up next to it. I keep it covered to keep the skin soft and pliable, so it is less prone to splitting as it grows.

I've been blanching and freezing green beans and tomatoes by the gallon lately. I just wish I had a bigger yard.

Tomorrow morning I'm going to start moving bunnies around and tattooing and weaning them. Fortunately it's been cool in the mornings, so I'll be able to wear long sleeves and not get hot. Long sleeves are your friend when tattooing bunnies. :)

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Susie said...

10-20 pounds a night! Wow! Thats a BIG pumpkin!!!