Friday, July 11, 2008

A purely political post

Anyone who thinks universal, government-sponsored health care is a good idea needs to watch this video:

Additionally, Germany's state-sponsored medical plan used to be touted as an example of what socialized medicine could be. It has since become a massive budget nightmare, and has been extensively scaled back:,2144,2117345,00.html

If you need a further example that government-sponsored health care is a bad idea, one only needs to look at the Veterans Administration. Regardless of the party in the White House, many veterans get the short shift and languish or even die for lack of care.

If our government can't or won't take care of its own veterans, what makes anyone think the rest of us would fare better?

Please do not vote for a candidate who thinks a bureaucracy can make better decisions than you and your doctor can.

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UniquelymeNana said...

Amen to that one my friend. Both my hubby and I are 100% disabled veterans. My husband has some issues that he wants to get help with. We asked one counselor and she said I have no idea where you can go to get that type of help. Before he would just accept that response. But he is now married to a very out spoken woman and many a time I have said "Well you better find out or get the d@#mn information. My husband would not need this help if he did not get injured serving his country, and longer will he be treated like crap." One of the clerks that works in the couceling check in has affectionately nick named me "Recon Marine on a mission".