Sunday, June 08, 2008


Today Yeungling had hay in her mouth, so I put a nestbox in, she's due this coming weekend. Oscar is the proud dad. So as I'm bending down, looking in on her this afternoon (she is in the cage directly below Oscar, she used to be beside him, but I put her next to Donna to give Donna an example of how good rabbit mommies behave), I feel this warm, wet feeling in my hair...

The son of a bitch gun sprayed my head!

I came upstairs and said to hubby, "Oscar's gonna be dinner." Why, he wondered, did he attack you? "Nope, he sprayed my head. I'm taking a shower."

Hubby - ROFLMAO!

Just FYI, Oscar will never be dinner. But I do owe him one... lol.

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