Monday, June 30, 2008

There has been a tie...

... in the NARBC District 9 election. If you are an NARBC member located in District 9, you will soon receive a new ballot, if you haven't already.

If you support the development of colors in Giant Angoras, please vote for Terri Robertson. She is actively developing Black Giants.

Nothing against Dru, she is a lovely person, but I would like to see someone on the Board whom I know for a fact supports this.

So please, vote for Terri Robertson and return your ballot promptly!

Thank you! :)


Thursday, June 19, 2008

How to tell agoutis from tans

On Sunday Yeungling, my Black Tan doe, delivered 6 healthy babies sired by Samson's Oscar. Since Oscar is albino, I had no idea what genes all that whiteness could be masking. Yeungling has one tan pattern and one self pattern gene, and Oscar would have to have at least one self pattern gene to produce any tan pattern babies with Yeungling. The likelihood of Oscar having another tan pattern gene is astronomical, since for some reason no one else seems to have ever tried mixing tans with angoras. So, I knew he most likely had either agouti or self pattern genes, possible one of each. Hopefully not 2 agouti genes, if so I would have no idea which babies carries the tan pattern gene, since agouti is dominant over tan pattern. So, when all 6 babies were patterned, my heart sank, since if Oscar had a self gene, likely he and Yeungling would have produced a self colored baby, and there were none. So I resigned myself to a litter of agoutis, and wondered how I would go about selecting a keeper.

Sure enough, yesterday I could detect the chestnut coming out in some of the babies. But much to my surprise and delight, not all of them! I waited another day, and sure enough, it looks like only 3 babies are agoutis, the other 3 are otters!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!! Otters with Oscar's magnificent genes will make quite a contribution to my Tan Angora project!

Here is an agouti baby, you can see the golden chestnut coloring coming up under the original black body color:

And here is an otter baby, you can see the orange coming out already in the tan markings, but the body color remains jet black except for some characteristic ticking along the flanks:

I know Chris will be very interested in these photos. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Babies!

Antje has 6 babies by Lear, it looks like 1 chestnut, 2 black or steel, and 3 REWs. I'm hoping for a nice, big doe out of this breeding. Yeungling has 6 babies by Oscar, all colored, we'll see what pops up, but I wouldn't be surprised if all are chestnut. They all are patterned. Unfortunately, none of the purebred breedings took. So, I'll be breeding again soon.

I weighed Lear's boys out of Matilda this morning. Arthur is still the biggest, at 7 3/4 pounds. Louis and Edmund are just over 7 pounds. Not bad at all for being 3 months old! I can't wait to see how Antje's litter turns out! All three of Matilda's boys have the nicest butts! :)

Sunday, June 08, 2008


Today Yeungling had hay in her mouth, so I put a nestbox in, she's due this coming weekend. Oscar is the proud dad. So as I'm bending down, looking in on her this afternoon (she is in the cage directly below Oscar, she used to be beside him, but I put her next to Donna to give Donna an example of how good rabbit mommies behave), I feel this warm, wet feeling in my hair...

The son of a bitch gun sprayed my head!

I came upstairs and said to hubby, "Oscar's gonna be dinner." Why, he wondered, did he attack you? "Nope, he sprayed my head. I'm taking a shower."

Hubby - ROFLMAO!

Just FYI, Oscar will never be dinner. But I do owe him one... lol.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Buzz cuts!

I got the three boys, Arthur, Louis, and Edmund, cut down to the skin today, they asked that I not post their pics, lol! I tried my Aesculaps on them first, but either I need more practice, or baby wool must be a little too fine for them, they didn't do all that great. So I would up scissor-cutting them, but I'm getting much more comfortable with scissors and got a really good, close cut on them. Next will be the two little girls I'm holding onto, then two adult does who will get a sacrifice clip. They have about an inch and a half of growth, but we are predicted to have temps in the 90s later in the week, so it's coming off. At least I know the clippers will make short work of their adult coats.

In preparation for the heat, the freezer is full of frozen water bottles, and I'm separating the young ones so they each have their own cage. Currently they like to pile on top of each other at the front of the cage to catch the breeze. That won't work well when the temps go up.

I also planted pole beans around the parts of the cages exposed to sun in the morning. I'll run strings up to the roofs so that the beans will shade the water bottles but still give me access for feeding and watering.

I also have two Giant Pumpkins planted here at the house, and two more up at camp. Also in the ground are onions, lettuce, mesclun, basil, cilantro, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beets. I plan to do a lot of canning and freezing this summer.