Monday, May 19, 2008

King Louis

Amid all the ups & downs of life, my rabbits give me joy and contentment. I'm looking for a job again, the contract ran out on my last one, and although my area of expertise is supposedly booming, I'm not getting much interest.

I have three of Lear's sons, and I am happier with them every day. Louis is the smallest, and the only REW, but what a nice bunn he is! At 10 weeks his coat has superb texture and is developing promising density. His body is deep and round. I can't wait to show him in the Fall!

Arthur, his chestnut brother whom I'm hanging onto, is huge, and just as nice. Edmund, the steel brother, is also huge and nice, in fact he has the nicest loin of the three. Both Edmund and Louis are spoken for, they'll be picked up at Convention, but I'm sorely tempted to breed Edmund before he leaves, even if he is a steel.

Meanwhile, I have bred Antje to Lear. Antje is nice and deep herself, so I should get a nice doe out of her to breed to Arthur later on.

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