Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I'm actually kinda liking the colors more as the fiber dries. What do you think?


Morning Glory Angoras said...

Well...I think it looks like multi-colored cat puke:) BUT...that's ok!!! LOL/BG...the first time I tried my hand at dying angora fiber it SCARED me while it was still drying, as IT looked like purple, orange and yellow cat puke...I guess I should be less crude and say "hairballs"...;).. until it dried and I got it carded out;)

I LIKE the colors that I'm seeing in your fiber! Will you post another pic of it once it's all dried, carded, or whatever...? I'd like to see it:):):)


Jan said...

ROFLMAO! Cat puke? OUCH!!! lol

Yes, I will post more pics as I comb it out. I cannot find my Strauch cotton carders (sigh). Luckily, I have an awesone set of mini combs, which I'm going to put to work today. It really does look better than the picture shows. :)

Annette said...

I like the light color. The dark is too dark for my taste but it looks like you did a nice job with it.

Jan said...

Thanks Annette! I bought a new pair of hand carders and am working on it, once I get it all carded I'll post another pic. So far it is blending nicely with the dyed black Shetland, giving a nice black fiber with muted tones.