Saturday, April 12, 2008

Nationals and baby pics

Whew! I don't think I'll be up for another long trip like that! 13 hours is just too long, even if the company I had was excellent. Charlotte Schweikart and I made the long trek to Missouri (and she had 3 hours just to get to and from my house). It was worth it, but not something I'm in any hurry to repeat. Charlotte took numerous BOV, BOSV, BOB, BOS, and even a BIS! I got nice comments on my animals, but they couldn't beat some awesome Giants from New York. Jack Bailey and Marilyn DeMarree (who unfortunately didn't get to attend, the Baileys brought her doe along) both took BISs in the Open all breed shows, and Jack's doe took Best of the Best. So, third place doesn't seem too bad. :)

My doe's coat was a bit short, we'll see how she does in Ohio next month. After that, the coat comes off and she gets bred to Oscar. Meanwhile, if the REW baby from Lear and Mattie keep her ears up, I'll be planning on showing her this Fall. My buck was bought by Denise Wyrick, so hopefully soon there will be more Giant Angoras in the Midwest. :)

Speaking of babies, here are the obligatory cuteness pics:

Here are two of Mattie's babies, the REW and one of the the Chestnuts.

Here are 2 Black Otter babies belonging to Sunrise. The one on the left has a smattering of white hairs on the top of his head, he'll be going to a wooler home.

Here are a Black Otter and a self Black from Yeungling.

And here is a Black Tan and a self Blue, also from Yeungling.

Here is a Blue Tan from Yeungling.

And here are a self Lilac (with some white toes you can't see, she'll be going to a wooler home as well) and behind her, a Chocolate Otter, both from Sunrise.

There is some legislation coming up that we all need to be aware of, and take action on, more about that later.

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