Sunday, March 23, 2008

Babies at 2 weeks

These are Mattie and Lear's babies below, the youngest litter, but the biggest overall. The steel is the biggest, and what a porker he is! There are also 2 chestnuts, a REW, and a black. The chestnuts look to be a buck and a doe, and will likely stay on. The REW will too, at least for awhile, since she will be showable, and I'd like to see how she does. I added a black tan from Yeungling's litter.

These are Sunrise's babies. The lilac has white toes on one foot. :( I don't think anyone else does. Oh well, I'll just keep repeating that breeding until I get a lilac tan.

These are Yeungling's babies. I am most pleased with the color on two of her babies, both black tans. She also has a jet black baby that will make someone who wants to breed black Giants very happy, the difference between this baby and the black in Mattie's litter is noticeable even now.

Anyway, may you all have a Happy and Blessed Easter. :)

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