Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mattie's babies

Here are the two biggest Mattie babies, the Steel and one of the Chestnuts.

I have had some dark chestnuts, so the depth of color is not the only indication that he's Steel, there's also the solid belly. (Look at those feet!)

Where a Chestnut has a white belly.

And here is the other Chestnut, and the REW.

I can't wait to see how they all grow up. :)

... and here's more

Here are Yeungling's other two Tans, a Black and a Blue:

And here are Yeungling's two self babies, a Black and a Blue.

Now here is one of Sunrise's Otters, with a Black from Mattie's litter. Mattie's baby is two days younger, but noticeably bigger. All of Mattie's babies are huge!

Here is Sunrise's Chocolate Otter baby and her Lilac self baby with the white toes on her right front foot. White toes are a big no-no, so that baby will be a nice wooler for someone.

And here are Sunrise's other two Black Otters.

Next, I'll show the rest of Mattie's babies.

How to tell Tans from Otters, and more

I often get asked what the difference is between Tans and Otters. Yeungling's litter gives me the perfect opportunity to show them, although with one hand holding a bunny and the other a camera, I could not get a really good, definitive pic of the under color.

Here are a Tan and an Otter side-by-side. If you look closely, you can see that the bunny on the left has more pronounced orange markings on its nose and more ticking up its flanks. If you look really hard, you can even see hints of pea markings in front of its ears, and its eye circles are also easier to see. The Otter, on the right, has smaller, less defined markings.

Also, Otters will have slate under color on their bellies. Look at the belly right under the arms, since both colors will have lap marks near the hind legs. I have not captured it well in this photo, but when you compare it with the tan belly pictured below it, you can see that the top photo of the otter has a cool slate cast to it, from the under color showing through, whereas the tan below has a nice, clean warm cream color all the way down to the skin. This is a result of the Tan having 2 recessive wideband genes which clean up the under color.

I 'll post more pics shortly, Blogspot seems to get temperamental about too many pics in a post.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Babies at 2 weeks

These are Mattie and Lear's babies below, the youngest litter, but the biggest overall. The steel is the biggest, and what a porker he is! There are also 2 chestnuts, a REW, and a black. The chestnuts look to be a buck and a doe, and will likely stay on. The REW will too, at least for awhile, since she will be showable, and I'd like to see how she does. I added a black tan from Yeungling's litter.

These are Sunrise's babies. The lilac has white toes on one foot. :( I don't think anyone else does. Oh well, I'll just keep repeating that breeding until I get a lilac tan.

These are Yeungling's babies. I am most pleased with the color on two of her babies, both black tans. She also has a jet black baby that will make someone who wants to breed black Giants very happy, the difference between this baby and the black in Mattie's litter is noticeable even now.

Anyway, may you all have a Happy and Blessed Easter. :)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

More baby pics

This is Mattie's litter of one REW, at least one chestnut, and some that are either black or steel.

This is Sunrise's litter. I thought she had a lilac tan, but it looks like it is a lilac self. Oh well, the genetics are there, I'll get one sooner or later. She does have a chocolate tan, that one will be staying here. :)

This is Yeungling's litter, the babies I thought were lilac tans are blue tans. No chocolates, either, so she probably doesn't carry it.

I haven't seen any white spots on anyone yet. That is one issue I haven't had much of with my colored angoras, *knock on wood*.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tan babies

All 3 litters have been born and are snug in their nests. I haven't taken a picture of Mattie's babies by Lear yet as they were just born hours ago and I'd like to let the new mom settle in with them. She is very devoted to them, but so far allowed me to take a quick look at them without a problem. Below is a pic of Sunrise's litter, I know. you can't see much, lol:

And this is Yeungling's litter:

Today I packed more wool around the 2 outside nestboxes containing Sunrise's and Mattie's litters. Both litters are toasty warm, but I like to be sure. It's supposed to get down into the teens tonight, so I'll be going out and checking on them periodically.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Lots and lots of Tans!

Yesterday, just as I got home from work, Sunrise had her litter. I haven't had a really good look at them yet, but it looks like there are 5 fat bunnies, and one of them is a Lilac Tan, one is a self, and the other 3 look to be Blue and Black Tans. Then this evening, right before feeding time, Yeungling gave birth to 10 babies. This is her first litter, and it looks as though they may have come out too fast and overwhelmed her, 4 didn't make it. Of the remaining 6, there are Lilac Tans, one is a self Black, and the rest are Blue or Black Tans. Both litters are sired by the handsome Santonio.

JACKPOT!!! I have always wanted Lilac tans, now I have some. :)

Mattie is still due to deliver her first litter, by Lear. I'm keeping as close an eye on her as I can, her appetite is somewhat off and she plays with her hay, so I think she is pregnant, but it's hard to say. She's due today, so we should see some more babies this weekend.

Monday, March 03, 2008

West Virginia Law

Copied from ShowBunny:

H. B. 2869

(By Delegates Fleischauer, Shaver, Marshall,
Beach, Shook, Longstreth, Hutchins,
Sobonya, Brown and Guthrie)

[Introduced January 9, 2008; referred to the

Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources then the Judiciary.]

A BILL to amend the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, by
adding thereto a new article, designated §19-20C-1, §19-20C-2, §19-
20C-3, §19-20C-4, §19-20C-5, §19-20C-6, §19-20C-7 and §19-20C-8, all
relating to protecting consumers against the sale or adoption of sick
or underage pets ; providing for penalties for violations of this

Be it enacted by the Legislature of West Virginia:

That the Code of West Virginia, 1931, as amended, be amended by
adding thereto a new article, designated §19-20C-1, §19-20C-2, §19-
20C-3, §19-20C-4, §19-20C-5, §19-20C-6, §19-20C-7 and §19-20C-8, all
to read as follows:


§19-20C-1. Short title.
This article may be cited as the "Pet Welfare Act."
§19-20C-2. Definitions.
As used in this article:
(a) "Pet" means an animal kept by a person for companionship or
pleasure rather than for utility; including, but not limited to, dogs
and cats.
(b) "Purchase" means and includes, but is not limited to, any
transfer of pet ownership or title, whether for money, by adoption,
for exchange for other property or services or without any
(c) "Seller" means and includes, but is not limited to, all retail
stores, private breeders, private rescuers and public agencies that
sell or place two litters or twenty-five pets per year.
§19-20C-3. Application.
This article applies to all pet sellers.
§19-20C-4. Infected animals; reimbursement.
(a) Purchasers of a pet have fifteen days from the date of purchase
to return the pet to the seller for any reason for full reimbursement.
(b) If a licensed veterinarian diagnoses a pet with an illness within
fifteen days of the purchase date, the pet seller will fully
reimburse the purchaser and will not require the purchaser to return
the pet to the seller.
(c) If a licensed veterinarian diagnoses a pet with an illness within
fifteen days of the purchase date, the seller will reimburse the
purchaser for any veterinary costs up to the purchase price of the
pet or five hundred dollars, whichever is greater.
(d) If a licensed veterinarian diagnoses a pet with a congenital
defect within one year of the pet's purchase date, the pet's seller
will either fully reimburse the purchaser or replace the pet with
another pet that is free of defects and infection.

§19-20C-5. Sale of pets under eight weeks of age; import, export.

(a) No pet under eight weeks of age shall be sold or purchased in the
(b) No pet under eight weeks of age shall be imported into the state
for sale or purchase.
(c) No pet under eight weeks of age shall be exported out of the
state for sale or purchase.
(d) This section does not apply to humane or animal shelters caring
for orphaned pets.
§19-20C-6. Health certificates at pet sale or adoption.
At the time of purchase, a pet seller must provide to a purchaser a
copy of a certificate verifying the health of the pet and certifying
that the required care and vaccinations have been given. The
certificate must be signed by a licensed veterinarian or the director
of a county or municipal animal or humane shelter for whom the
governing body states in writing that the shelter will not pay
veterinary bills.
§19-20C-7. Posting of consumer rights and protections.
At the time of purchase, a pet seller must prominently display a 10"
x 10" sign at the seller's place of business or furnish the purchaser
with a written contract informing consumers of their rights and
protections under the law.
§19-20C-8. Violations; penalties.
A person who violates a provision of this article is guilty of a
misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not less
than one hundred dollars nor more than one thousand dollars.
Magistrates have concurrent jurisdiction with circuit courts to
enforce the provisions of this article.

NOTE: The purpose of this bill is to protect consumers against the
purchase of sick or underage pets.

While I support efforts to prevent unscrupulous breeders from passing on sick or injured animals, this proposed law goes way too far. If this law goes into effect, pets will get ridiculously expensive and many reputable breeders will be forced out of business.

Please contact your representatives and tell them that this law will destroy the pet industry. Those who abuse animals don't care about the law and will continue to do so anyway, and reputable breeders and hopeful pet owners will be the ones hurt.