Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

All is going well, so there isn't much to say. I start my new job next week, and I knit my first pair of socks this week, well, I am still working on the second one, but it is nearly finished. :) I used a nice, fine 2-ply yarn I had spun from some orange BFL roving that my friend Lisa gave me. I don't know what makes a good sock yarn yet, besides being relatively fine, but I can say that the finished sock is quite comfy! I'd post a pic, but alas, the camera batteries are nearly dead. So, after a trip to to the store, I'll get that posted.

I got some nasty comments recently from Animal Rights jerks that I deleted. Just FYI for anonymous posters, I can trace IPs. So to the jerk who works in GREENSBURG, PA - I know where you posted from, and do you really want your boss to know you cruise blogs and post nasty comments while at work? And to the other from MD - same to you.

'Bye now! :)

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