Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Orange socks and Joy

OK, so they're a bit big. But oh, so comfy! And they don't slide down around my toes when I wear my hunting boots!

This is JG's Joy. I was just cleaning up her back a bit, her dad managed to send a little spray over her way (I didn't name him Stinker for nothing, lol), so she got some spot cleaning. If the temps warm up a little, I'm going to switch her dad out with her cousin JG's Mr Clean, who so far hasn't displayed a tendency to dirty up his neighbors. I also weighed her again today, almost 11 pounds! That is especially remarkable since tomorrow she turns 6 months old! I think I'm going to cut back her pellets just a wee bit, I don't want her getting fat. I checked her over, she's getting just a little webbed inside her hind legs. So tomorrow, while hubby is home, I'll brush them well and trim around her butt. I'll do the same for Mr Clean, Ivomec everybody, and clean cages. Thursday I start my new job. It will be good to get back in the groove, not to mention the positive impact it will have on my bank account, lol!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Me & Mr Magoo

No batteries for the camera yet, but I came across this and had to share:


The above link is for dsl, here is a link for dial-up:


Friday, February 22, 2008

Busy, busy, busy...

All is going well, so there isn't much to say. I start my new job next week, and I knit my first pair of socks this week, well, I am still working on the second one, but it is nearly finished. :) I used a nice, fine 2-ply yarn I had spun from some orange BFL roving that my friend Lisa gave me. I don't know what makes a good sock yarn yet, besides being relatively fine, but I can say that the finished sock is quite comfy! I'd post a pic, but alas, the camera batteries are nearly dead. So, after a trip to to the store, I'll get that posted.

I got some nasty comments recently from Animal Rights jerks that I deleted. Just FYI for anonymous posters, I can trace IPs. So to the jerk who works in GREENSBURG, PA - I know where you posted from, and do you really want your boss to know you cruise blogs and post nasty comments while at work? And to the other from MD - same to you.

'Bye now! :)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Breeding rabbits

That's how I spent my morning. Or should I say, I tried to breed rabbits. I believe I succeeded with Lear and Mattie (GH Matilda). She was not at all cooperative, after Lear chased her for about a half hour, I tried holding her but she wouldn't have any of it. So, I took her out and had a very frank discussion with her regarding her future if she didn't get bred. I put her back in, and lifted her butt, and PRESTO! Lear connected successfully, and as I had promised her, I put her in her own cage and left her alone. :)

Santonio and Yeungling were another matter. She was willing, so was he, but he didn't seem to understand exactly what it was he was supposed to do. Let's just say he got 9/10 of the way there, but didn't seem to know how it was supposed to finish. After about an hour of this she started getting frustrated with him, so I put her back in her cage. Hopefully he either connected while I wasn't looking, or he just doesn't react as spectacularly as other bucks.

Then came Guess and Sunrise. She was begging for it, he was pretty blase. She even demonstrated for him exactly what she wanted, he made one half-hearted attempt, but didn't connect. Not even close. So I finally tried her with her son, Santonio. He didn't impress me this time, either. So I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping something happens. I stink at palpating, so we'll see in a month.

Somebunny needs to invent a Clear Blue Easy for bunnies.