Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Verizon was not a good mom, and her babies did not make it. :( So, she'll go back in with Lear, and we'll try, try again. I had a feeling this might happen. My Tan Angora does will also be bred, so hopefully I'll have someone to foster babies to in case this happens again.

This makes me think back to something another breeder posted in a chat group. She routinely fostered her angora babies to proven meat rabbit moms. These fostered babies went on to be great mothers themselves. She did this because her first angora does were not very good mothers. Apparently, mothering instincts in rabbits are enhanced if the does had a great mother themselves. Verizon's mom was not the best, but she was better than her daughter. My Tan Angoras have all been wonderful moms. So, I'm thinking that when the time comes, the most desirable babies will be raised by the Tans, and the less desirable by Verizon, and we'll see what happens. If she flunks motherhood a second time in a row, she'll make someone else a great wooler.

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