Sunday, December 23, 2007


As many of you know, I have set out on my own path to improve the size of my Giant Angoras. I lucked into a purebred French Lop doe who had wool, and I bred her to my best German Angora buck at the time, Fuhrerdernacht. The only surviving baby, Lear, is doing fabulously, and weighs around 12 pounds now. He molts, but after all, he is only 1/2 angora. His wool is a little too fine for good spinning quality, but works great for felting. Anyway, I had a scare with Lear, he took an awful long time for his family jewels to appear, but they did eventually. I test-bred him to my best Giant doe, Verizon, and she did not cooperate at all. Yet, this morning, a week before she should be due, she was gathering hay. :)

I promptly moved her to a cage with a dropped nestbox, and did everything I could to make her comfortable. She isn't due until Saturday, but so far she is displaying the proper nesting skills. I can't wait to see how this litter turns out!

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