Wednesday, December 19, 2007


From an email from Judith McGeary, Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance,

End-of-the-Year Update on NAIS

The Senate Passes The Farm Bill

The Senate finally voted on its version of the Farm Bill. The NAIS provision was amended, but not in a good way. The big "manager's amendment," which rolled together a lot of unrelated amendments, included a provision that replaced the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) exemption in Section 10305 with a new provision. The new version directs the USDA to issue regulations consistent with FOIA for information collected under NAIS. Like the earlier version of Section 10305, this provision would be the first direct statutory reference to NAIS, and thus implies Congressional approval of what USDA is doing. Whether one thinks farmers' information should be open under FOIA or not, the most important point is that no such database should be created in the first place! In January, the Senate and House will create a conference committee to merge their two versions of the Farm Bill. As soon as we know all the members of the conference committee, we will update you on who to contact.
The Nation Publishes Anti-NAIS Article!

A strong anti-NAIS article was published online in The Nation. If a lot of people go to the site to read the article, the public response will encourage The Nation to publish more articles on NAIS.

You can find the article, "USDA Bets the Farm on NAIS," at Go to the link and send all your friends this alert so they can read the article online too! Help us get more press coverage of NAIS!

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wiwfarm said...

We have raised purebred Arabians and Half-Arabians for many years. Here in Ohio people laugh that "NAIS can't happen hers." In the meantime, though, as a result of abandoned horses, pleas every week to take horses for free, and rescue operations bulging at the seams with neglected and unwanted horses, NAIS will be the final nail on the coffin, causing us to go out of business. We honestly believe that many breeds of equine will become extinct with all the bureaucratic reports and costs of microchip implantation required. We figure compliance may cost as much as $1500 per year. See our new webpage:
And then contact as many Congressmen as you can to rescind Section 10305 of the 2007 Farm Bill. You have until February 18, when the final combined Bill will be up for a vote.

Diane Jones
Windt im Wald Farm