Monday, November 19, 2007


First, I wish to thank Angie Kolifrath and Lauren Waters for putting on such a great event at the Decatur RBA show at Conyers, GA. We had an excellent exhibit of Angoras, some lovely spinning ladies who came in to teach and demonstrate while we were busy showing, and a good time was had by all. Special thanks to Kathy Taylor for her delicious apple bread!

Second, I'd like to thank the Decatur RBA for making us feel so welcome and for hiring some excellent judges!

Third, I'd like to thank the people who tried to convince the Decatur RBA folks that their boycott of the show (because of UARC's presence) would hurt them. It did not, they had the biggest turnout ever. Allan Ormond, ARBA judge from Utah, said he felt like he was at a small Convention. He also complimented several breeds, Angoras among them, for the outstanding quality of the animals presented. Essentially, the "boycotters" made us look good by comparison, and only made themselves look bad, and the angora clubs they belong to. Again, my heartfelt thanks for demonstrating yet again why UARC exists, to allow friendly people to promote our beautiful rabbits, without the back-stabbing BS so prevalent elsewhere. Your actions convinced at least one UARC member not to renew her membership in another club, and convinced another to join ours.

JG's Fuhrerdernacht, who now belongs to Kathy Taylor, took 3 BOS's! No legs, as usual, but oh well. Groundhog Hare's Glorious won a Jr Doe class, so I'm happy with her performance for such a young doe. I sold a couple of animals, so that helped considerably with expenses.

All in all, a very rewarding experience, and one we have been invited to repeat. :)


Gerald Buck said...

Janet I am unclear as to what boycott you are speaking of. I never heard anything about a boycott. Please give me more details. This is all news to me.

Gerald Buck

Jan said...


Please feel free to contact the Decatur RBA. They can give you the details.