Thursday, November 15, 2007

Off to Conyers!

After waiting and grooming and planning, it's finally time to leave for the UARC Specialty show in Conyers, GA. Verizon injured her eye somehow, and had to be scratched. So when I get back, she'll be shorn and bred to Lear. Meanwhile, I trimmed all the fuzz from around her eye, applied triple antibiotic cream around the area, put a drop of Pen-G in her eye, and gave her 1/2 cc intramuscularly. I don't mess around with eye issues. I'll give her another 1/2 cc of Pen-G before I leave.

I was a little worried about Lear for awhile. His "family jewels" didn't appear on schedule. Perhaps French Lops mature later than other breeds, because they did drop right about when I decided to find a home for him. Thank goodness, because he is turning out to be exactly what I want. He is not quite 8 months old, and already weighs over 10 pounds. He has the most solid, meaty rump, and his shoulders and rise are simply awesome. His wool isn't bad, either, even with only being 1/2 angora. Verizon has perfect wool, and a substantial body to boot. I can't wait to see the babies of these two! Once these babies are evaluated, I'll see who else Lear will be bred with. Most likely, our biggest and best does.

Many times when new blood is introduced into a line, or breed, one breeding is made, then diluted with pure blood until the original animal is off the pedigee. Little wonder the influence of that cross wears off in subsequent generations. If Lear's babies with Verizon have the size, growth rate, decent wool, and excellent bodies that I expect, I will breed him to other does, and line-breed his offspring so that the benefits are concentrated, not diluted. My goal with this line is to have every animal in every litter make senior weight, preferably on or before the day they turn seniors. By the time Lear's mom Pewter is off the pedigrees, she'll be on the 4th, 5th, and 6th generations many times over. As will Lear's dad, Nacht, a pure German who weighs 10 1/2 pounds.

Toward that end, we are also looking at size with our Germans. "We" meaning my friend Cheryl and I. Cheryl is taking on the housing and breeding of the Germans, so I can concentrate on the Giants. With her help, I have the ability to use a broader gene base than I would working alone.

If you're looking for a good breeding pair of Germans, either to breed to the German standard or to improve your Giant lines, I am bring Nacht and a nice little doe (Glory) to Conyers to sell as a breeding pair. I am also bringing another junior German buck to sell, as well as a dark chesnut German cross buck. They are all priced to sell. I like Nacht and Glory so well, that if I don't sell them, I'm going to breed them as soon as Glory is old enough. Glory is Nacht's half-sister, and is sired by his cousin, so this is a really nice line-breeding pair. The other junior buck I'm bringing is sired by Glory's nephew and out of Samson's Rosalin. I was originally going to bring another junior buck, but he had too much fun playing "Spin the Bottle" with his brothers, and I just didn't feel like cleaning him up AGAIN. So I'm bringing a younger guy. A *clean* younger guy, lol.

I hope to see you at Conyers!

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