Monday, October 22, 2007

More on Convention, and Rhinebeck

I had a blast at Convention! The center was well-lit, pretty well organized, and smelled nice and clean. The compressed wood pellets that were provided for bedding are exactly what I use at home in my dropping trays, because they control odor very well. Check-out could have been run better, I had to schlep everyone out in the rain because we weren't allowed to use the front door, even though we had been checked out and cages sealed. Nor could I seem to get access to the loading docks, I had earlier stayed parked outside them for awhile, and no one entered or left. But, all in all, it was very well run.

I think one of the best things about it was the abundance of well-stocked bathrooms, lol! Bathrooms and toilet paper are two things you can never have too much of! I never had to wait in line or got stuck drip-drying, something I cannot say about every other big show I've been to.
I came home for a day, then was off to Rhinebeck. I really need to go there sometime and not take rabbits, I spent most of my time picking up, delivering, or worrying about them. I got a Tan Angora buck from Louise Walsh, picked up a Satin Angora for my friend Michelle, bred Oscar to a doe belonging to my friend Katie, and maybe also to a doe from my friend Cynthia, although that doe was not at all cooperative. I delivered a Satin Angora and a German to my fiend Mary Jo, I picked up soap from my friend Terry, and did not buy a fleece, afterall. I need to work on the house, and if I'd bought a fleece, that would be taking time away from work that needs done and has been too long neglected.

Did I mention that we had no hot water when I got home from Convention? Seems the gas company shut it off because they could not get inside to read the meter. Then, when they did,m they found a leak. Which, despite numerous ads for "24 hour emergency service", no plumber would fix until Monday. So, in anticipation of a much-needed hot shower, half of my afternoon on Saturday was spent searching for my hotel, because the confirmation they sent me had THE WRONG ADDRESS! I did figure it out eventually, after a lovely if unplanned tour of the Catskill Mountains. Hot water is such a wonderful thing! :)

We just got the gas turned back on as I type this.

On Sunday, I hooked up with Leslie Samson to get Oscar shorn and certified for registration in 90 days. I had been corresponding with Leslie about it, and we both forgot that I needed to advise IAGARB of my plans. So, that did not happen, although we had a lovely visit and I am glad I went if only for that reason. Leslie was impressed with Oscar's condition, she even said he smelled healthy, lol! We hope to have shearing/registration parties in PA or Ohio soon. Anyone out there interested in seeing how it's done? Any skeptics who think it can't be done? By all means, come and see for yourself! I'll keep you posted on the dates and locations.

After our visit, I set off for Breezewood, PA to deliver more bunnies. Then on to home just in time for the Steelers' game. Which they lost. :( Well, there's always next week...

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